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Graphing Quadratic Equations

Create a Glogster that includes the following:1. Find three real world images of how quadratics are used. You must use images that are free from copyright (see number 4). All sources need to be cited.2. Define: vertex, minimum, maximum, concave up, concave down, axis of symmetry, parabola. 3. Identify each of the items from the vocabulary in number two on a graph that is included in your Glogster. You can graph it by hand and use your image or you can find a site, that you reference, that will graph the equation for you. You must identify the equation and the exact values for the vertex, minimum or maximum, and the axis of symmetry. 4. Review information on copyright laws, such as: All sources should be cited (MLA format) using

Due Wednesday, November 16th

Easy Bib Example


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