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Paper Towns

Written by John Green

Lacey Pemberton is a friend of Margos who is just a little to rough on the outside. At least enough to get a fish in her car and a blue "M" on the roof of her car. She does care about Margo enough to join in the search for her and begins dating Ben.

Marcus "Radar" is Q's other bestfriend. He is a bit of a nerd and throughout the entire journey he is posting and editing on a wikiesque website call omnictionary.

Ben Starling. One of Q's bestfriends Ben is a band geek whos a bit eccentric about prom and calls girls "HoneyBunnies" When he joins Q in the search for Margo he grows closer to Lacey and actually asks her out.

The book Begins with Q and Margo Finding the corpse of Robert Joyner. The Man has shot himself. This event binds the two in a way they never understand. As the years go on the two drift apart and are not quite as fast of friends but Q admires Margo from afar. One fateful night some years later Margo hops in through Qs window and asks for his aide in her highly vandalous revenge-crusade that involves her ex boyfriend, a girl named Becca, and an ex friend of hers named Lacey. Then Margo proceeded to run away from her friendsn and family in florida. After Q desperately searches for clues as to her whereabouts he thinks she is in new york. Q, Lacey, and Q's friends Radar and Ben set out in search of Margo and eventually find her in an abandoned building from a poem she left behind. Q asks her to come back with him and confesses his feelings and despite Margos feelings being mutual she chooses to stay in New York.

Margo Roth Spiegelman would be the second protagonist. She is an artistic girl who enjoys poetry and was friends with Q at a young age. She was with Q when they found the dead body. Margo gained new friends and wasn't as close with Q when they were in highschool. One night she climbed in through Qs window in an attempt to get him to join her in an attempt to get revenge on her cheating ex-boyfriend, the girl he cheated on her with, Becca, and her friend who she deemed "a Bad friend" named Lacey. They executed this plan by sneaking into houses and cars and leaving rotting fish behind with an "M" written in blue spray paint.

Quentin "Q" Jacobson is the protagonist of the story. A bit of an odd Man out all his life hes had three very close friends. Ben Starling, Marcus "Radar," and Margo. When Q and Margo were young kids they found the body of a man committed suicide. After this when the two children grew they gained new friends and drifted apart but Qs feelings for Margo grew stronger.


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