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Come and see a movie that is captivating, heart-warming and insparational video. A video with a deep and clear storyline, a video with flying, people and plane making.... ....Paperman

Paperman is a video made by Walt Disney Animation Studios. It was really interesting as there was no speech. Disney wrote a fantastic storyline and as a result the story was really clear which made it easy to feel happy or sad for the characters. The music helped set the scene and emotion well and without it, the movie wouldn't have made a lot of sense.

What is this Glog About?


What is Paperman?

Paperman is basically about a man who was determined to relive a moment with a certain woman. The woman seemed to like the man but she was oblivious to the paper planes that hit her window even when she was sitting at the window.


Paperman was a fantastic movie in all aspects including cinematography. The use of light and dark helped tell the good and bad parts. The uplifting music helped feel hopeful and happy and the lack of music helped to increase suspence and wonder. The camera angles helped to delay things that you would get to see later. Without the light and dark, music and camera angles Paperman wouldnt be good and may even lose it's story.


Signature Moments

Paperman had many beautiful moments but my favourite moment was when the paper planes started moving after the one with the kiss did and then they started following the man and the woman. I particularly liked how the music had an impact on the story.


I would recommend Paperman to both adults and children as well as anyone who would want to learn some filming techniques. Paperman is interesting but also teaches persistence. I liked the movie because it has message for any person, it has a beautiful story and it is very creative.



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