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Author: Disney

IntroductionPaperman is a short 7 minute film made by Disney. It is about an officeworker who meets a girl.

CharactersThere aren't any names for these characters but there is a business man, his boss and a woman.

Paperman Movie Review



The man meets a woman at a train stop and she puts a lasting impression on him. As they go their different ways, the man looks through his window and sees the woman from the train stop so he tries to fly a paper plane through the window in the woman's room. He tries and tries but he can't so as she leaves he dashes out the door to try and catch her.

I would recommend this film to any audience for enjoyment and other recreational purposes. It has a strong message in the film and it would be a great film to show everyone.

Some techniques they used throughout this film were that Disney used lighting, sound and the angle of the camera to change the emotion.



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