"Paperman" movie review

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"Paperman" movie review

By Madeleine

The film "Paperman" is a Disney romantic comedy short starring a man and a woman who meet at a train station. The silence between them is broken when the wind blows one of the man’s paper onto the woman’s face. A lipstick stain is planted on the paper indicating the beginning of his quest to reunite with the woman. Hence the name "Paperman" the paper is the main object in the story. The two protagonists follow it on their journey to reunite with one another. The story features themes such as "love at first sight" as well as "love will always find a way". The film is just under seven minutes long and was released in 2012 accompanying the release of Disney film "Wreck-It Ralph". Kristina Reed, Clio Chiang, Kendelle Hoyer, John Kahrs, Kari Wahlgren, Christophe Beck and Patrick Osborne were all involved in the making of the film, the director being John Kahrs.rs.

In a bland, dark 1940's city, the "paperman" finds colour in a woman he meets at the train station. Her red lipstick stains one of his papers after it blows onto her face - their first shared glance is love at first sight. But sadly, the woman disappears onto her train before the two are able to say anything. Disappointed, the man returns to his office. But love will always find a way, even via paper planes.


"Paperman" Movie Review

Background Information

One of the most noticeable features of Disney's short film is the colourscheme. "Paperman" consists primarily of monochrome colours with the only exception being the lady's red lipstick. This adds contrast and acts as a symbol of hope as well as a romantic vibe. The rest of the film is composed of blacks, greys and whites which vary in amounts depending on each scene and its theme. For example; the man's office building is coloured in darker colours to represent the man's apparent dislike for the place and his desire to reunite with the woman whose workplace is bathed in sunlight therefore giving it a lighter colour signifying hope and happiness. Another indication the light provides is optimism and positivity. This is shown in multiple scenes throughout the film as well as changes in music to match the emotions of the characters and add to the mood. Some other noticeable features of the film is the lack of dialogue; all communication between characters is done through body language of some sort.


I enjoyed the film "Paperman" quite a lot. I thought it was definitely superior to other Disney short films I have viewed and the storyline also tops the other films. The story's simple and yet lovely plot is compacted into less than seven minutes accompanied by an excellent soundtrack and beautiful themes. Overall, the film is incredibly well made to suit its sweet storyline and I would recommend it to anyone, especially those who either enjoy Disney films or enjoy films with similar themes and plots to "Paperman".

My Opinion

The most important scene in the story is the introduction; the scene in which the protagonist's goal is formed and a path is set for the rest of the story to follow. The story starts at a train station where the main character, the man, is waiting for his train. Here, he meets a woman. The two stand in silence until one of the man's papers blows onto the woman's face creating a red lip imprint. The two fall in love at first sight but unfortunately, as soon as the man gathers his paper back the woman is gone. Dismayed, he returns to his office where the wind threatens to blow the paper away. He quickly stops it and realizes that the woman works in the office across from his. He then attempts to grasp her attention with paper planes. Although all of his attempts fail, love will always find a way.

The protagonist of the film "Paperman" is a young man who, whilst waiting at a train station, meets and falls in love with a woman. The story shows his attempts to capture her attention once more using paper planes (hence the name of the film - "Paperman"). The story is set in a 1940's city with bustling streets and tall, sophisticated buildings as well as the place in which the two characters met and fell in love; the train station.

"Paperman" short film


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