Paper Towns

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Paper Towns

Paper Towns

Paper Towns is a very exciting book about a boy named Quentin Jacobsen, who has been crushing on his neighbor Margo Roth Speigelman since they were kids. One night Margo takes Quentin on an adventure for revenge, then she disappears. Quentin feels like it is his duty to find her. He finds clues that Margo left behind, and he tries to piece them together to find out who the real Margo is, not the one he thought he knew.

Margo and Quentin live in a subdivision in Orlando, Florida. Margo is one of the "popular" girls in school. One night she plans to get back at all the people who wronged her and she chooses Quentin to come with her. That night they get back at her cheating boyfriend, her lying bestfriend, and many more.

Millions of people are reading this one of a kind book by John Green, why aren't you?

Quentin, and his friends Ben, Radar, and Lacey, go on a suspenseful trip, to hopefully find Margo.

Margo made plans of running away in her black notebook. One day she decided to follow through with the plan, for good. Quentin needed to know where she was. She became a mystery that he had to solve. Is she still alive? Will she ever come back? Will he ever find her? Read this book to find out.

Margo and Quentin take an interesting picture that helps them in the future. If you want to know what the picture is, and how it helped them, read this book.

Margo planned her trip down to every little detail. How did no one know she did this, until she actually left?

Margo says the town they live in is like a paper town. Find out why she calls the town paper by reading this book.


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