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Paper Towns

Paper Towns By: John Green Glog By: Casey Ems

On an average school night while Quentin Jacobson is laying in his bed, his lifelong crush and neighbor, Margo, comes in through his bedroom window recruiting him to set out on a mission for a night we won't forget. They set out on an adventure to get revenge on all of Margo’s enemies. The following day, Margo does not show up to school. Her parents don't think much of it because she runs away very frequently. But, after 3 days of her not being home everyone starts to worry. Her parents hire a private investigator to question people in Margo’s life about her whereabouts. Quentin also decides to do a little bit of investigating himself. While he searches her room he finds many poems, posters and clues. One of those clues takes them to an abandoned mall. They find a painted message on the wall saying, “You will go to the paper towns and you will never come back.” Q thinks that means she was leaving a suicide note, her other friends think it is just Margo being Margo.



In my opinion, the main theme of the story, “Paper Towns” is exploration. Margo, one of the main characters is a huge fan of exploring. Her main focus is based on a song in the story, “Get on the Road Again” by Willie Nelson. Margo has been planning a road trip to a town that doesn't even exist for as long as she can remember. This unknown town is a “paper town” somewhere in the large state of New York. While Quentin sets out on a journey to find his lost love, Margo, he discovers his inner self. By the end of the book, you see that Margo may not be the big fan of exploring, but Q is.


Quentin Jacobson- Also known as "Q". The narrarator and main character of the story. He lives a very uneventful life and has had a life-long crush on his neighbor, Margo.Margo Roth Spiegelman- The most popular and prittiest girl in school with a jock boyfriend, Jase. She is a big fan of poetry and folk music but nobody ever sees that side of her. Her peers only sees her adventurous side.

This main setting of this story is Orlando, Florida. They set out on a road trip which takes them from Florida to North Carolina, and then to their destination, New York.

I would recommend this book to about anyone over the age of 14. If you are younger than that you might have a hard time comprehending some things in the story. I would mainly recommend it to teenagers because they would really be interested in it. Also, they could possible relate to the story in a few ways. John Green’s book are very well written and make the reader think about almost every small detail in the story. Paper Towns is by far one of the best stories i have read and i would recommend it to anyone who is interested in love, romance, and mystery.



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