Paper Towns

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Paper Towns

''But it was the last string. It was a lame string, for sure, but it was the one I had left,every paper girl needs at least one string, right” –page 58

“Maybe she deserved to be forgotten. But at any rate, I couldn’t forget her.” – Page 164

“The easiest way to solve a mystery is to decide that there is no mystery to solve.” – Page 111

''I could never stop thinking maybe she loves mysteries so much that she became one'' -page 8

Paper Towns

Part 1The main characters, Margo Roth Spiegelman and Quentin Jacobsen (Q) , both live in the same subdivison. One day they come across a dead man laying against a tree. Quentin scared but Margo intruiged, starting her interest in mystery. As they got older, Quentin and Margo grew apart. Margo had a bunch of friends and even had a boyfriend.That left Quentin to admire from afar with his two friends Radar and Ben. One night, Margo comes stumbling through Q's window asking him to come along on the beginning of a reckless journey. The first part of this journey mainy consists of revenge on her cheating ex boyfriend. This makes Q feel a extreme rush of exhilaration, a feeling he doesn't normally feel. His feelings for Margo when they were younger were slowly coming back as the night progressed.

Part 2After a night of revenge and extreme excitment, Quentin was left with nothing but memories and the head rush that still remains. The next day Margo was gone, leaving nothing but clues and hints of where she is. Quentin makes it his mission to figure her out and find her. He believes that Margo wants him to find her and to feel what he felt the first time they went on an adventure together. Day after day Q slowly pieces the puzzle back together. As time goes on and as he works more and more to figure out the "paper girl," He starts to become discouraged. He thinks the only way to find Margo is to figure out who she really is. As Q starts to dig deeper and try harder, he considers Margo's previous use of the world "paper towns" and decides that she is in Agloe New York.

Part 3On the night of graduation, Quentin grabs all of his friends and brings them on a roadtrip. Thus continueing and possibly ending the reckless adventure Margo had started in the first place. When they finally reach Agloe New York, They find Margo in a barn. Quentin's friends voicing their frustrations over Margo's selishness over leaving. They all storm out leaving Q and Margo as they come to the realization that they did love each other. However, that does not mean it's real. They loved each other without knowing anything other than the falsehood of them being a "paper boy" and a "paper girl." Their differences are what encourage and motivate themselves to live seperate lives. Not together.


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