[2015] Himanshi Nair: Paper Towns

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[2015] Himanshi Nair: Paper Towns

Paper Towns John Green

The main characters in my book are Margo Roth Spigelmen the girl everyone thought was a myestery. Quentine, the boy who has been in love with Margo since she moved across the street from him. Rader and Ben who are Q's bestfriend.

The story takes place in modern day, the setting changes through out the book, it changes from School, to Walmart, or Q's hosue.

The main events in my book are that Margo and Q break into Sea World, and go on an all night adventure.Margo is getting revenge and Q is helping her. After helping Margo, she dosen't come to school the next day. Q and his friends go on an adventure to find Margo.


Who is Margo?Margo Roth Spigelmen is the girl who evrybody thought was a mystery. She is known for her crazy adventures, and leaving clues behind.


Main Characters


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