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Paper Planes

Main Characters:

Takeshedio Maliki: He is from Japan, and is the previous world champion, winning the title in 2014. He is another ‘bully’ figure in the movie, (similar to Jason in Paper planes 1). He is rich, spoilt and snobby, who often teases Dylan and other competitors. He is Dylan's main rival, and Dylan is determined to beat him, as he dislikes bullies.

Sarah: Sarah is Jack’s new girlfriend, and although Dylan does not suspect it, she and Jack are planning to get married later in the year. At the beginning of the story, Dylan automatically has negative feelings towards her, as he does not want to let go of his mother once and for all. Towards the end of the book, Sarah reaches out to Dylan, and he begins to realise that she is a kind and caring person, who deeply cares about his father, and himself.


PLOT SUMMARYOnce again, we return to the life of 12 year old Dylan Webber. After winning the world paper plane championships, Dylan returns home to Waleup with his father (Jack) and is determined to start a new relationship. Just as life is beginning to get back to normal, Jack begins to leave home more often, and drive into town. Dylan suspects that he is meeting up with someone, but does not mention it, as he wants his relationship with his Dad to stay as it is. Three weeks after returning from Tokyo, Dylan receives a letter in the mail, inviting him to the Paper Planes World Cup. The World Cup is held every four years, and this year, it is being held in Perth, Australia. Just as the Dylan feels as though everything in his life is perfect, suddenly, a bombshell is dropped by his Dad. He tells Dylan that he is in love with a woman named Sarah, and that he is dating her. Dylan expresses feelings of hurt, anger and betrayal as he thinks that his dad is taking their relationship for granted, and spending more time with Sarah instead.With everything else going on in his life, Dylan begins to forget about his relationship with Kimi, until one night she Skypes him, and soon reminds him of his feelings towards her. Although their conversation is brief, Dylan understands why Kimi has called. She is moving to America, on an exchange program, and won’t be able to see Dylan for at least three years. This breaks Dylan’s heart, and almost quits the World Cup, but Kimi reminds him what is important in his life, and encourages him to strive towards his goals. “ In the end, we only regret the chances that we did not take in life”, Kimi says to him, convincing him to keep moving forward.Although Dylan is keen to start practising for the World Cup straight away, Jack is not happy with the amount of school he has been missing, and limits Dylan's practise time. This causes some tension between the two, and Dylan feels as though his relationship with his Dad is moving backwards. However, even with his limited practise time, Dylan is prepared to go to Perth and win. Once he arrives in Perth, Dylan is presented with a new challenge; the competition fee. Although the travel expenses are less of an issue this time around, the competition fee is, and Dylan's dad knows this. However, with the help from Sarah (she holds a arts and crafts stall), they raise enough money for Dylan to compete. Although Dylan is very grateful for Sarah’s help, he still has mixed feelings towards her. After the dilemma of the entry fees are over, Dylan turns his attention to the real challenge; qualifying for the grand final of the World Cup. After successfully winning three rounds, Dylan comes face to face with Maureen in the semi-finals, which will decide who will face Takeshido Maliki in the grand final. Takeshido Maliki is portrayed as a rich, spoilt, snob, who is a bully to Dylan. He was the previous winner in 2014, and expects to win the World Cup. Dylan on the other hand, is the ‘underdog’. He is the child who has nothing. No money, or expensive cloths. He has nothing, except for his good heart, and his caring personality. He desperately wants to beat Takeshido Maliki, as he hates bullies, and wants to prove to himself that he can win.Before facing Takeshido Maliki in the Grand Final, Dylan knows that he must face Maureen, and win. Before their round begins, Dylan has a conversation with Maureen, and learns many things about her. Maureen tells Dylan that she was bullied in school, for being fat, and getting good grades. However, after she began to compete in paper plane competitions, she knew that she had found her true passion in life, and was happy. Her speech inspired Dylan, and after an intense battle, Dylan is awarded the winner of the round. He is sad for Maureen, but she lends her support to Dylan, congratulating him. Dylan now knows that his true battle in the World Cup lies ahead.As Dylan is preparing for the grand final, Takeshido Maliki approaches him, and pretends to congratulate Dylan. However, when Dylan goes on to the podium, and receives his paper from the adjudicator, he knows he has been tricked. Dylan piece of paper is nearly five times thinner than Takeshido’s, and it will never be able to fly. Dylan is furious, when suddenly he remembers Kimi’s advice: “My father always said to look to the natural world for answers to life’s problems”. Suddenly, Dylan knows what he must do. With the timer racing against him, and his fingers fumbling to make up precious time, Dylan finally finishes his plane just as the buzzer goes off. The crowd gasps in amazement at Dylan’s plane, and as he faces Takeshido, he sees the amazed on his face. Dylan peers down to observe his plane properly for the first time. There, in Dylan’s hands, is an origami crane, so perfect and fragile, it looks in danger of collapsing at any moment. Once the shock appearance of Dylan’s plane has worn off, Takeshido begins to laugh, and thinks that he has won. However, once the planes are thrown, it is clear to all who’s plane is going to win. Once in the air, Dylan’s crane expands in shape, until the wings are bigger than the body. It soars through the air, spiralling and twirling, ceasing to fall to the ground. Takeshido is too intrigued to notice, but his plane his crashed to the ground, as his paper was too heavy. But no one moves; they are entranced by Dylan's amazing plane. When it finally comes to rest, the crowd erupts in applause, and Dylan is pronounced the winner of the 2016 Paper Planes World Cup!6 months later:Immediately, the setting in the movie has changed, as Dylan has moved to Melbourne. After arriving home to his new house, Dylan meets Kimi at the door. Kimi has been offered an exchange to Australia instead, and is staying in Melbourne for two years. Dylan and Kimi are excited to see how their relationship will develop over time. Meanwhile, Jack and Sarah are married. They are expecting a baby girl next May, and Dylan cannot wait to be a big brother. Dylan’s relationship with his Dad has healed, and Jack has finally overcome his depression. Although Dylan still misses his mum, he likes Sarah, and decides that she and his Dad deserve to be happy.Dylan is exited for his future, and cannot wait for the next chapter in his life to begin.

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Dylan Parker, a true Story. The real life story which Paper planes 1 was based upon. (click on photo above)

Climax, and Resolution:

In Paper Planes: The Sky's the LImit, the main climax of the film is Dylan trying to win the Paper Planes World Cup. Although there are several underlying themes, which present their own conflicts, the main climax is when Dylan makes his paper plane at the World Cup, and wins. Obviously Dylan winning the world cup is the resolution, but also, the way that Dylan's life turns out is also a 'happy ending' and will please younger viewers.

PAPER PLANES, The Sky's the Limit

Kimi: Once again, the adorable Kimi (playedby Ena Emai) and Dylan’s relationship continues throughout the movie. This time however, rather than competing against Dylan, Kimi is supporting him. Their relationship progresses, and soon Kimi finds herself in a terrible position; she cannot be with Dylan, as they live in different countries. However, Kimi still gives Dylan constant advice, and shows him that she will still love hi no matter the distance beetween them. Towards the end of the story, Kimi announces news which changes her future with Dylan forever…

Maureen: In the first movie, very little information is known about Maureen (humourously played by Deborah Mailman)other than the fact that she is happy, cheerful and likes to fly paper planes. However, throughout the sequel, Maureen explains to us in greater depth about her childhood, past life and how she came to love the sport of competitive paper plane throwing.

Dylan: Dylan (played by Ed Oxenbould) is an adventurous 12 year old boy, who starred in Connelly’s first film Paper Planes. Throughout the sequel, Dylan overcomes many challenges, and experiences new emotions such as love, friendship, loyalty, and other important values which he will use in his life. Jack is mre supportive of dylan in the sequel, and Dylan is pleased t have his constant affection and support, alothpugh he has mixed feeling sbaout his fathers new girlfriend Sarah..

Jack: Jack is Dylans father ( emotionally played by Sam Worthington). In the first movie, Jack appears to be a vey withdrawn, moody person, who is suffering from depressions folowing the loss of Dylans mother. However, througout the sequel a major contrsast is seen beetween Jack's old personality and his characteristics in my sequel. In the sequel, Jack is a more lively, happy character who shows the compasionate and warm side of himself to both Dylan and his new girlfriend Sarah. Although Jakc still has his momnts of grief, he is generally a more lively, energetic person, and is a better father to Dylan.

FUN FACTDid you know that Ed Oxenbould ( Dylan Webber) had a star role as Alexander in 'Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day'?

QUOTE #1“ In the end, we only regret the chances that we did not take in life” Kimi- Paper Planes: The Sky's the Limit


In Paper Planes; The Sky's the Limit, the main settings are:* Western Australia, in the small town of Waleup where Dylan lives* Perth, where the World Cup is held* At the convention centre where the world cup is being held* At Dylan's house, in Waleup* Melbourne, where Dylan moves with his new family, and KimiIn the sequel, the setings are all based in Australia for delibrate reasons. In Paper Planes 1, the settings such as Dylan travelling to Japan, implys that by travelling, Dylan is bringing a sense of adventure to the film. However, in Paper Planes; The Sky's the Limit, the sense of adventure is based on Dylan's family life, as well as his frienships, love life and the challanges he faces.

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There are many themes which I have chosen to use througout the movie, continuing on from the themes in Paper planes 1, Some of the most noticible themes in the story are friendship, love, rivalry, acceptance, jealously and family. Underlying themes are also present such as Dylan's feelings towards Sarah (betrayal,anger and jealously). Above all, the main theme in Paper Planes 2 is family

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