Paper Planes 2

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Paper Planes 2

Written by Oliver Wilson

Dylan Webber

Paper Planes 2 Take to the sky!

Beginning - Kimi and Dylan have gotten married and they have had a kid. Dylan has been asked to mentor the kids who are going to be the new Australian Champions in the Australian Championships. Then after than mentor them in the World Junior Championships. Middle - Dylan has to go back to Perth because his dad is sick and he has to go back and look after him. But it turns out to be alright and he goes back to the Australian ChampionshipsEnd - After the Australian Championships in Melbourne he takes the kids who won the Australian Championships to the USA for the World Championships and Sam (Dylan's Kid) win the World Championships and becomes the world champion.

When Dylan is in Melbourne for the Nationals with all of the kids Dylan get a call from Kevin back in Perth. He says that Dylan's Dad had been taken into the hospital overnight with what they thought was bowel cancer. His dad did not want him knowing because he wanted him so stay at the competition. But even so Dylan flies to Perth and sees his dad and they get some tests done. It turned out not to be cancer it was just really bad stomach pains caused by eating too many fatty foods. Dylan then flies back to Melbourne and sees his kid win the Australian Championships. Then they go and win the World Championships.

Kimi Webber

Sam Webber

Jack (Dylan's Dad

Complication and Resolution

Main Plot

Dylan in now in his early 30's.He is married to Kimi and they have had one kid between them.He lives with Kimi in Perth with his dad. He goes to Melbourne with Kimi and Sam to mentor and support Sam in the paper plane championships

Kimi is now in her mid 30's as well. She is married to Dylan and they have had one kid between them. She has left Toyko and now lives with Dylan and their kid in Perth with Dylan's dad.

Sam Webber is the child of Kimi and Dylan and is really into paper planes. He goes to Melbourne with his dad and mum to compete in the Junior Championships just like his dad did 20 years ago. His dad is also mentoring there.

Jack who is Dylan's dad and Sam's grandfather. He lives in Perth with Dylan, Sam and Kimi. He gets sick in the movie but it turns out alright in the end. He is around 60 years old now compared to the last film. He is a funny and loving Grandpa to Sam.


Kevin is also now in his mid 30's and he lives in Perth but not with Dylan. He stays in Perth with Dylan's sick Dad while they go the Melbourne but then it get out of hand. So he calls Dylan to tell him that he had gotten worse.


The Melbourne swimming pool is the place where the Australian Championships are held and it has a 50m pool and lots of seating for all of the spectators.

The Perth hospital is where Dylan goes to visit his dad when he is sick. It looks like any other hospital and he is in a room by himself.

In the USA they are in a massive hall of some sort in dark light with coloured spotlights around them. There is also a smoke machine around them. They have electronic measuring systems.

One last setting is on the plane to and from Melbourne, Perth and the USA. It looks like any other plane and is basically a plane and all of the people are on it.


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