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Paper Planes 2

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Paper Planes 2:

Kevin is always trying to hang out with Dylan, but Dylan can never make it (seeing Kimi, teaching kids about paper planes, going to speeches, etc.). Kevin gets annoyed, and tries to make Dylan feel jealous by beating him at his own game. Kevin’s dad is a buff man, from New Zealand named Reece, who is a funny, light hearted person, and encourages Kevin to try some outdoor activities. His mum, Kirsty, yells at him to keep his focus on his schoolwork. After trying and failing many things Dylan did well in (e.g: garagesale, paper planes, origami), Kevin goes home and plays his Xbox. He sees Dylan the next day, but tries to avoid him. They go back to his house to hang out, where Dylan recognizes his talent for video games. Eager to fix his relationship with his friend, he gets Dylan to compete in the multiplayer qualifing round from his own house, and Kevin wins. This means he is eligible for the State competition, held in ArcadeWorld , in downtown Sydney. While playing, Kevin subtly hints about something going on between Dylan and Kimi, which Dylan denies vigorously.

Kevin argues with Dylan about not spending enough time together, and runs home from school. Dylan visits the hospital and George (Dylan’s Grandpa) dies. George and Kevin had got on well, and on his deathbed, George asks Dylan to tell Kevin, ‘his phone is sucky, and you cant get better than the classics’. Dylan comes out to Kevin’s house to see him depart for Sydney and tries to tell him about George, but Kevin yells out ‘see you when I’m a champion!’ then goes to the airport. In Sydney, he qualifies for the San Diego Nationals, hosted by GamerCon. Kevin comes back, finds out about George, but goes to San Diego anyway. He feels really sad and guilty about fighting with Dylan when his Grandpa died. Kevin, feeling overwhelmed with emotion, walks away from the competition area and is about to forfeit. However, Dylan made an account ‘PaperPlanezDW’ and got Kimi to hack into the system from back in Waleup. He logs in and Dylan speaks to Kevin through the headset. Dylan tells him to win this, come home a champion at the thing you are great at, and promises to spend more time together. The administration notice this account, and he is then ejected from the system. Kimi hacks Kevin’s screen so they can watch him play. Kevin wins the Nationals, and celebrates wildly.



Kevin gets home from San Diego, but at the airport his dads car breaks down. Kevin hears rumours about Dylan and Kimi romancing, and madly tries to get home. He runs past a café, and he yells at some bikers to give him a lift. They surround him menacingly, but then Reece walks out. They smile nervously, and Kevin rides at the front of a biker V formation into Waleup. They pull up outside Kevin’s house. Dylan is happy to see Kevin, and asks him if he won. Kevin says ‘I did, but mate, is it true? You got a date with the Japanese girl?’ Dylan awkwardly says yes, and Kevin yells ‘lets throw a party!’ The movie ends with Kevin, Dylan, Kimi, a bunch of friends and the bikers dancing around in the party. Kevin walks upstairs, looks at his Xbox, and turns it off. The screen goes black. The credits then scroll up the black screen.

Kevin is a bold, confident class clown (which he sometimes takes too far and crosses the line to bullying). His home is in the Australian outback, but is originally from New Zealand. Kevin is a great mate to Dylan, the World Junior Paper Plane Champion. Kevin has a very rich and spoilt life, smothered with electronics, and very creative and mischievous in his ways of getting things done. His constant practice at electronic entertainment means he has a talent in video games, which he uncovers at the start of the sequel.

Kimi is a Japanese girl who competed in the World Championships with Dylan. She is very friendly and kind-hearted; also able to offer deep advice. She turns to the natural world for inspiration, and enjoys practices such as origami, acrobatics, and paper plane folding (of course). At the beginning of the film, she does not quite know how she feels about Dylan. Is he more than just a friend?

Dylan is the World Junior Paper Plane Champion, and a good friend to Kevin. Dylan achieved this title through a journey entailing struggle, grief and financial hardship. His thoughtful, inventive and happy personality carried him through these tough times. Dylan is very willing to accept anyone as a friend if they are kind. As he has grown slightly older, romantic feelings have started to come for a certain Kimi…

George: George is Dylan’s roguish grandpa. An amusing former WW2 pilot, he is anything but boring. He takes Dylan on thrilling adventures and always cracks a joke whenever he can. Reece:Reece is Kevin’s dad from New Zealand, who, unlike his son, enjoys the outdoors and physical activity. He is very healthy, both physically and mentally. His light-hearted, carefree nature, along with his tendency to spoil Kevin, and slightly mischievous streak, means he is his son’s favourite parent. Kirsty: Kirsty, Dylan’s mum, is the parent who has to set the rules and be the grownup. A serious businesswoman, she cares for her son immensely, but has difficulty expressing it. Her nagging is with the best of intentions, as she wants him to achieve good grades so he can be successful. She is the main source of income in the family, and her bank account is the one tapped into when Kevin gets a new toy. Jack: Jack is Dylan’s dad, who has struggled over the past year or so with depression, induced by his wife’s death. Previously a very unmotivated, lethargic man riddled with grief. His son’s love and journey with paper planes has finally pulled him out of this state. Jack now has a job again, and although he gets sad at times, he always rebounds back to normal quickly.

Kirsty (Kevin's Mum)

George (Grandpa)

Jack (Dylan's Dad)


San Diego – A large coastal city, with a warm climate, nice beaches and great views. Kevin is in the city centre for GamerCon, amongst tall skyscrapers and modern structures.

Sydney – A modern, urban city with wondrous architecture (Harbour Bridge, Opera house etc.). The downtown area that Kevin visits is a mass of neon flashing signs, street vendors, and tourists.

--------------------------------------Western Australia, Waleup – A dry, colourless town in the outback, riddled with broken down cars and tin shacks, Waleup is the home of all the characters except Kimi.

Reece (Kevin's Dad)


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