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Paper Planes 2

Author: Steve Worland

The Homecoming

Main EventsBeginningAfter winning 3 consecutive Junior Paper Plane competitions, Dylan decides to pursue a career in the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF). His girlfriend (Jessica) is a helicopter pilot and they both work in the same unit. Dylan is about to leave on his first tour, which is in Iraq. It is a surveillance mission on the movement of the Taliban. He has always loved how things fly and maneuver in the air and this sparked an interest in flying an actual plane. Dylan also hopes that if he becomes successful in the field, than his dad (Jack) would actually go back to work and try and get over his wife's death, which isn't easy. Jack has shown signs that he is getting over it which Dylan hopes is something important for what is to come. Both Jessica and Kevin support this idea. MiddleDylan is given the go-ahead for take off and starts his surveillance over the southern part of Iraq. His orders were: "Gather as much information about the Taliban troop movement and encampments for as long as your fuel tank can last." When Dylan is running low on fuel, he decides to turn back to refuel for the next day. On the way back, one of the Australian Anti-Aircraft weapons targets Dylan and fires. He ejects from the plane but opens his parachute too late and damages his legs further. He is found later by a few soldiers and brought back to camp with legs burned beyond recognition. He is moved back to the hospital in Australia where he undergoes surgery on his legs which in the end, had to be amputated. He has to stay in a wheelchair for the rest of his life and Jessica and Kevin are by his side to support him. Dylan is broken because he knows that he can't continue in his piloting career and decides that the only way for him to go is to go back to the paper plane championships. Jessica decides to quit her job as a helicopter pilot and help Dylan with his daily life. She also decides to try and join him in the competition. She later finds out that she is very good at throwing paper planes. Kimi assures Dylan that he will win and should already be proud of his achievements.EndFor weeks and weeks on end, they both practise for the competition. Jessica finds it easy to throw it over 50 metres to make it into the International championships after both of them easily made it through to the Nationals, but Dylan struggles to get enough height and speed behind it as he only has is wheelchair and doing a run-up is pretty hard. Just like his first ever Nationals win where he only just made it hit the 50 metre mark, he does the same thing this time. He is proud of himself and doesn't care if he wins but is just fine that he actually made it through to the Internationals. His impairment makes it hard for him to move and to throw and he wants to prove that this can't stop him fro achieveing his dreams once again. When the Championship starts, Dylan looks up to the crowd he imagines his dad looking down at him and this energises him further. Dylan does an amazing throw with a new throwing technique and just breaks the world record. Jacob (who now throws for Japan) does a foot foul and is extremely annoyed. Jessica on the other hand, smashes the world record by 10 metres which lands her in first spot and Dylan in second. Dylan, although not winning 4 times out of 4 attempts, is pleased with his result and hopes to find a new career soon.

SettingsDylan gets ready at an airbase to go on his first tour over Iraq in a fighter jet.Dylan flies over Iraqi targets and is accidently trageted by an Anti-Aircraft weapon and shot down.Dylan is wheeled into a hospital with severe leg injuries after attempting to land after being shot down.After having to lose both of his legs, he is now wheelchair-bound and arrives back at his new house which he shares with his girlfriend and dad.Both Jessica and Dylan arrive at the National Championships to try and make their way to the World Championships. Jessica makes it with ease but Dylan's only just qualifies.

CharactersDylan is a young adult who wants to achieve his life dream of piloting a fast aircraft. Dylan is a shorter person who has longer blonde hair and is very determined to achieve what he wants to achieve. After winning the Juinor Paper Planes Championships for 3 years running, he is determined to make his mark in the history books, winning 4 times out of 4 attempts.Jack is a depressed father who is heartbroken by his wife's death. He loses his job after he gets drunk at work and accidently breaks an important computer system, which slows the business's income.Jessica is a young adult who also wants to become a pilot. She supports Dylan throughout his impairment. Jessica is also making her way to the World Championships. She has long straight brown hair and is Dylan's girlfriend.Kevin is a young adult who has very short black hair and is a bit on the chubby side of things. Kevin becomes one of the most respected young adults in Australia after recieving an Australian of the Year award after his parents were killed in a car crash and he spent his life up until then to raise awareness for road safety and made a program for school Australia-wide.Jason has gotten nicer after he came 3rd in the Juinor Championships 7-8 years ago. He doesn't brag as much and he has become great friends with Dylan. But something changed on the final day of the World Championships, he has teamed up with another contestant and is determined to win more after winning 3 straight after Dylan had stopped entering into the competition.Kimi is the new Australian Paper Planes Championships host. She has had Maureen's job for 2 years as Maureen retired and is now living with Dylan's grandpa, who hasn't lost his sense of humour. She has long dark hair and is also of Asian descent. Kimmy loves nature and loves to do nature origami.

Paper Planes 2



After becoming a fighter pilot and serving in Iraq, Dylan loses his legs in a plane crash and becomes crippled and wheelchair-bound, this ends his piloting career. At this point he is out of work and running out of money to support his dad who has lost his job after being drunk on the job. Dylan is running out of options.

Although Dylan is crippled, he thinks that the only option that he has is to go back to paper plane throwing and creating, as he has tried for a while to get back into work but no-one will hire him. He plans to compete in the World Championships which is hosted in Beijing, China. He is the only person at the competition with an injury as bad as his but he knows he will win, he is more determined than anyone to win, to save his family from being forced out of their home.

Dylan aspires to beat this world paper plane champion





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