Paper Planes 2: Soaring High

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Paper Planes 2: Soaring High

~Complication & Resolution ~Complication: Dylan overhears from some of the boys that Patrick has become very ill and the family has run out of money. Kimi tells him she overheard Jason talking to someone saying how winning this competition will be the last chance to get the money. Dylan, feeling conflicted, is unsure whether or not he should win the money for himself or let Jason win. He debates whether he should win the money for himself or whether he should let Jason take it. Resolution: As the competition begins, Dylan makes the paper plane he has been preparing for knowing that he does not need the prize money (due to his his father’s new job) but really wants to win. Dylan and Jason win the first few rounds and compete in the final round together, just the two of them. Dylan begins to notice Jason looking around and he knows that he is wishing his father to be there, however Dylan still wants to win. As the timer goes off Jason throws his paper plane however Dylan knows his conscience wont let him so he purposely throws the plane wrong. He realizes that Jason has a harder life then him right now. After it has been announced that Jason has won, Kimi and Jason come up to Dylan. Kimi gives Dylan a big hug and Jason comes over and shakes Dylan’s hand, as they shake hands Jason looks at Dylan strangely as he has never seen him throw a plane incorrectly before. He asks Dylon who replies that it was an accident, but Jason knows what Dylan did and secretly mouths thank you.

Paper Plane 2:Soaring High

~Plot~Beginning: The film opens with Dylan, Kevin and Jake riding home from school whilst discussing opening up a paper plane club for their friends. As they begin their ride home a police car pulls up beside the boys demanding they put their hands in the air. Jack steps out of the car laughing at the boy’s fright and tells them he has become a police officer. As the group returns home Dylan sees a letter hanging out of the mailbox and curiously grabs it. When everyone gets inside Dylan opens the letter and shows his father. His father reads the letter and excitedly tells them that Dylan has been invited to compete in this year’s paper plane world championship for a chance to win $100,000. Last year’s championships attracted so many visitors that they now offer prize money. Due to the fact that Dylan is the world champion, inside the letter there are two plane tickets for Dylan and his father. Caught up in the excitement Jake and Kevin run home and convince their parents to let them go to London with them. Middle: The story skips one month later and shows a plane landing into London Airport. Jack, Dylan, Kevin and an airsick Jake step off the plane unsure where to go in this new city. The film and shows the group getting into a car and sightseeing around the city. The boys are all amazed at how large the hotel room is and Jack is unsure how everything will turn out. The next day the group is driven to a large English manor where the competition will take place. On a large clearing of lawn, thousands of people are watching, cheering and filming the event. As Dylan walks towards the crowd, Kimi runs by and gives him a big hug. The two prepare for the competition as Jason and several other large boys come up to Dylan. Jason and his group begin to harass Dylan telling him how they have improved and how they will beat him. As the fight gets heated, the host speaks over the sound system. She introduces herself as Alice and is much alike Maureen. The host says the competition will begin soon and Dylan is getting excited about how he will spend the money (games, holidays, electronics etc.). He begins to notice that Jason’s father is not present.

~Dylan~Dylan is a 13-year old boy who lives in an outback town in Western Australia. In the previous year he was the winner of the Paper Planes World Championships in Tokyo Japan meeting Kimi, Jason and Maureen along the way. He lives with his father Jack after his mother passed away several years ago and often visits his grandfather. He has a love of making paper planes and does this every minute he has to spare. With his close friends Kevin and Jake, Dylan attends Walup Primary School in his last year before moving to a high school. Often Dylan enjoys finding Clive, a native Australian hawk that can be found in the area. When he grows up he dreams of flying planes.

~Jake~Jake is a 13-year old boy living in a small town in Western Australia. Recently he moved to this town from Melbourne after his father was offered a job. He attends Waleup primary and when he first arrived he instantly became friends with Dylan and Kevin. Jake is a loud, confident and energetic boy who will do anything to protect his friends. Football is Jake’s favourite sport and he can often be found playing any type of outdoor games. Though Jake has a loud personality he is silently caring, compassionate and always willing to support his mates.


~Jack~Jack is a middle-aged man living with his son Dylan in Waleup. Several years ago his wife who was Dylan’s mother passed away, leaving him in a depressed and unmotivated state for a period of time. However, Jack has moved past these times and will do anything to protect or support Dylan. Not long ago Jack accepted a job working for the Walup police department and is always ready to have a laugh. He is a cheerful, hard working and responsible father to Dylan and is always helping Dylan to follow his dreams. Often Jack can be found playing cricket, working for the police department and helping Dylan create paper planes.

~Jason~Jason is a 13-year-old boy living in Perth, Australia and is the son of the famous golfer, Patrick. In the first movie Jason is introduced as a competitor who meets Dylan in the regional championships. Jason is a brash, over confident and over competitive paper plane maker who shows his personality by bullying Dylan. Concluding the first movie Jason begins to mature and understands that winning is not the only thing that matters. However peer pressure and a need to win turns Jason over competitive again. His father Patrick is in the hospital for surgery. Often Jason can be found playing sports, travelling the world and making paper planes.

~Kimi~Kimi is a 13-year-old girl living in Tokyo, Japan. She met Dylan at Australia’s national world championships where he won so he got to go back to Japan with her for the finals. Kimi believes that it should not be just about whose plane flies the furthest but whose plane looks the most beautiful or surprising. Throughout the period of time after the World Championships she has kept in contact with Dylan over Skype and is frequently showing him her new paper plane designs. Continually Kimi shows her lovable, quirky and compassionate nature through her love of the natural world and her readiness to help those in need. Often Kimi can be found doing gymnastics, origami or making paper planes.

~Kevin~ Kevin is a 13-year old boy living in a remote town in Western Australia. He is a best friend with Dylan and Jake who he attends Waleup primary with. At home he is spoilt with electronics and gets whatever he wants. At the beginning of the first movie Kevin often bullied Dylan. This may be because of a longing to fit in. Kevin is a loyal, mischievous and creative youth who sticks by Dylan through hard times. Recently he started making paper planes so that he could be like Dylan and Jake. Often Kevin can be found creating trouble, playing electronics or flying paper planes with Dylan.

~Alice~Alice is a middle-aged women living in London, England and is friends with Maureen. Alike Maureen, Alice hosts paper plane competitions and is bubbly, energetic and passionate about making paper planes. Often she can be found reading books, going to the beach and exploring London. Originally Alice is introduced as the host of the competition Dylan is competing in however progressively she goes on dates with Jack. Eventually she marries Jack and becomes Dylan’s mother.


~Ending~Ending: As Dylan, Jake and Kevin go to find Jack, they see him talking to Alice. Jack sees the boys and comes over grinning telling them that he is going on a date with her before they leave. The film then shows the group returning home. After this the movie skips forwards ten years and shows Jack and Alice getting married, Dylan working as a pilot, Kimi opening up an origami store, Kevin hosting the paper plane world championships, Jake coaching football for Waleup Primary and Jason with his father playing golf. The last scene is the group catching up for one last paper plane competition.

Waleup:Waleup is a small Australian town where Dylan and Kevin grew up. Dylan, Kevin and Jake attend Waleup Primary and this is where the film begins. This is a rustic, friendly and outback location.

Manor:The manor is where the Paper Plane Championships are held. This is a large space housing gazebos with enough room to fit thousands of spectators and viewers. This is a prestegious, spacious and well eqquiped area to hold the Paper Planes World Championships.

London:London is where the Jack, Jake, Kevin and Dylan visit to compete in the Paper Planes World Championships. Much alike Tokyo this is a large city filled with tourists attractions that the group visits. At the begining the gang arrives in London airport and make their way around the city to the hotel.

"Sometimes there is more to just winning and losing"


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