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Paper planes 2: selfish ruins





Cara: Cara is 13-years-old and is Abigail’s sidekick, partner in crime, her best friend. Although she may seem like a cliché tag-along, she is anything but. Cara is an independent teen that loves having fun and hanging out with her friends. She doesn’t stand for someone bullying her friends and is capable of proving a point to someone.

Basic Plot/Synopsis: Dylan’s back from Tokyo happier than ever, he’s gained popularity and what he thinks are his “friends”. He spends so much time with them it causes Kevin to discover a talent of his own and is on a mission to prove to Dylan that he doesn’t need him. Jack has a new love interest and Dylan’s world really does get turned upside down. Balancing friends and more family issues, makes him see the light that being popular isn’t everything.

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Scarlett (Jack’s girlfriend): A wealthy (not insanely rich) young woman who is working as a psychologist. She meets Jack because he is having appointments with her and they bond over their love for cricket. Scarlett is smart and intelligent using quite sophisticated words in her text. She tells Dylan that Jack is the first person to ever make her let loose a little and have fun living life like it will end tomorrow. (“He makes me see a different side to the world. One I’d love to keep exploring.”) She is always dressed to impress and thinks quite highly of herself. Scarlett is always trying to get Dylan to like her (buying him presents)and it doesn't work. When they have a sentimental chat that Dylan starts to like her.

Dylan: Dylan is a 12-year-old boy who now has more confidence then since the last movie; he has also gained popularity with Cara and Abigail now always wanting to hang out with him. He continues to make paper planes always trying to find new designs and ways to make it. His attitude changes as he comes to think being popular is one of the most important things in the world. When his father starts hanging out with his girlfriend, Dylan starts to think he is being neglected (when he’s not), and starts to envy Scarlett instead of being happy that his dad has moved on.

Jack: Jack gets back to work and starts living a healthier lifestyle. He goes to a weekly psychologist and when he bonds with Scarlett over cricket he finds he doesn’t need to go anymore. He is constantly hanging out with Scarlett, taking her on dates and watching the cricket on TV. He is a more responsible parental figure now, he is motivated and really cares about giving Dylan the best he possibly can. Scarlett is giving him a few cooking lessons so he can cook Dylan a meal other than spaghetti in a can.

Kevin: Kevin is 13-years-old and is seen as the chubby, class clown, but when Dylan starts to isolate him he becomes quite a closed off character who likes to keep to himself. He has a cocky yet supportive personality and persists to keep practising for the AAGC hoping to win. He is motivated to prove to Dylan that he can win the competition. When Dylan apologises he is very forgiving.

Abigail: Abigail is 13-years-old and is one of Dylan’s new “friends” at Waleup Primary School. However, she is friends with him for the wrong reason (to use Dylan’s intelligence to her advantage (get him to do assignments for her etc.). Abigail thinks that making paper planes is a stupid hobby and Dylan should give it up and try something else like sport. She’s an extremely honest person with a fiery passion to always be right, even if she’s wrong she’d never admit it. She has a snarky personality and is a very dominative person; she controls Dylan always taking him away from Kevin when they’re talking. (“Dylan? What are you doing with him? Come on, let’s leave. Now.”) Abigail’s demanding personality makes her bully anyone who isn’t her friend. She has a love for soccer, this makes her a tough cookie to crack and isn’t an open person to anyone.

Kimi: Kimi is a 13-year-old girl who cares for Dylan and tries to give him helpful advice. She always looks out for Dylan but can become offended easily. She is cheery most of the time and is happy for Dylan when he apologises to Kevin and Dylan tells her she was right.


Waleup Primary School

• Waleup Primary School, Western Australia: beige coloured dirt, some trees, dead grass.• Melbourne - Adolescence Gaming Championships: Arena type area, massive space full of video games, modern.• Dylan’s house: One story, quite poor looking, has a garage full of Grandpa's "toys". • Kevin’s house: One storey, normal Australian house (not poor like Dylan’s and not wealthy like Scarlett’s), medium sized, small front and back yard, average looking design, crowded with neighbouring houses. • Scarlett’s house: Two storey, moderately wealthy, has more of a modern style to it, stands out compared to other houses, a lot bigger compared to Dylan’s.• The beach: Golden sand, has some rocks, located in Western Australia, ocean. • Wedding place: This is where Jack and Scarlett get married, green grass, lots of wedding chairs, archway for where the bride and groom stand, flowers everywhere,• Around the neighbourhood: Dylan rides his bike around the place (where Clive is, down pathways to get to his house etc.), beige.• Restaurant: Modern, family like, Scarlett and Jack take Dylan here.• Airport: Modern, new, small.

Wedding Place

Scarlett's House

Kevin's House

Gaming Arena


Conflict: • Dylan has a conversation with Kimi about how he’s really happy he’s popular. (“Isn’t it great, Kimi? I have so many friends now.” “What about Kevin? These friends of yours don’t sound like “true friends”.” “Kevin…he’s fine.” “True friends always stand by each other, no matter what. Kevin is your true friend—” “Hang on, Abigail wants me to do an assignment for her.”Kimi hangs up annoyed, leaving Dylan.) • Dylan walks downstairs to ask his dad for some advice and finds he isn’t there. He finds a note on the counter: “On a date with Scarlett, again, I’ll be back soon. Love you heaps, Dylan. –Jack ” Dylan becomes annoyed that his dad isn’t home and waits for his dad to come home. • When his dad does comes home they have an argument of how he can’t start dating again—even though he was the one who told Jack to move on—and gets furious at him. The “discussion” makes Dylan text his “friends”, none of who seem to care. • Due to his friends not caring, he goes to someone who he think will care. Kevin. He calls out for Kevin at his house and he doesn’t answer the door (his dad isn’t home either) but happens to notice a slightly open window (Kevin’s bedroom). Due to this, Dylan makes a plane telling Kevin to come out and throws it in there and Kevin throws the plane back at him—all scrunched up. He then remembers how his Grandpa taught him to open a door, so he breaks into Kevin’s house and tries to talk to Kevin—of course he fails miserably. • When Jack and Scarlett announce they’ll be moving into Scarlett’s house, Dylan gets annoyed and runs away from home. While biking away he falls off of his bike and rolls down a hill his book (the one that he makes in the first movie and talks about his paper plane designs and says that him and Kevin will be “Mates forever”) follows him and gets all scrunched up. Except Dylan can’t find the book when it rolls down the hill so he spends all night looking for it. Close to about 3 am he finds it, all ruined.

Ending/Resolution:The next day, Dylan returns home and finds that Scarlett is sitting on the couch in an anxious manner; when she notices him she runs up to him, wrapping her arms around him in a hug. They have a sentimental chat with Dylan finally accepting the fact that his dad moved on and that Scarlett is a nice person. Finally earning Scarlett’s trust, Dylan asks her about Kevin and she tells him to apologise to him and tell him that he wants to be friends with him again. Dylan finds that there’s a problem: Kevin is in Melbourne. Scarlett calls Jack on the phone saying that Dylan is back at home and asks whether she can fly over to Melbourne with Jack and Dylan. Jack agrees and they head off to the airport. There are scenes of how Kevin is playing against other teens and shows how he lost the competition. When they get to the airport, surprisingly, they see Kevin there (coming back from Melbourne). Dylan rushes over to Kevin apologising and showing him the book he made in the first movie about them being mates forever. He asks if they can be friends and Kevin accepts and tells Dylan how he wanted to prove himself and how he shockingly lost. When they get back home, Dylan skype’s Kimi about how she was right “that being popular isn’t everything”. After that Dylan and Kevin play a few video games and fly some paper planes. (Years into the future…) Jack and Scarlett get married and have a baby boy!

Middle:After school, Dylan watches as Scarlett and Jack always hang out with each other and leave to go on dates. He should be happy for his dad, but he isn’t. He refuses to talk to any of them and decides to go skype Kimi about it. In the skype chat, Kimi tells Dylan how he is being selfish and should be happy for his father. After some discussion, she brings up Kevin and asks how he’s going; when she finds out that Dylan is spending more time with Abigail and Cara, Kimi talks to him about how they’re “using him” and are not his “true friends.” Dylan of course declines this statement, offending Kimi in a way and ends up receiving a text from Abigail saying she wants him to do an assignment for her. After the skype call, Dylan heads downstairs to ask his dad for advice but he finds he isn’t home and is on another date with Scarlett. He waits for his dad to get home and ends up yelling at him for not being there when he “needed him”. He then leaves and goes to Kevin’s house hoping he’d help him, Kevin doesn’t and blocks Dylan out. (4 months later…) Dylan bikes home after school and finds Jack and Scarlett waiting on the couch for him; the couple announce to Dylan that they’ll be moving into Scarlett’s house. This aggravates Dylan and he runs away from home down to the beach (The one Cindy (Dylan’s mum), Jack and Dylan went to years ago). Scarlett and Jack try to follow him but unfortunately loose him. While he’s biking away he fall’s off of his bike, causing him to hurt him self. (Bruises, bleeding, scratches, cuts and sores.) When he falls off the bike, he also accidently rips his book (the one that he makes in the first movie and talks about his paper plane designs and says that him and Kevin will be “Mates forever”) as if rolls down the hill with him and he can’t manage to find it. He spends the night looking for it and eventually finds it, except it’s pretty ruined. He ends up staying the night at the beach. Jack looks for him all night and calls the police.

Beginning:Dylan gets back from Tokyo and is instantly warmly welcomed by everyone at school. The principal makes an announcement in assembly about how Dylan went to Tokyo and won the Paper Planes Championships. Afterwards, Dylan and Kevin are chatting at recess and Dylan is approached by a group of girls (Abigail and Cara and their friends). They introduce themselves, tell Dylan how cool it is that he won the competition and say they’ll see him around. The next day at recess, the girls take Dylan away from Kevin and they hang out, this occurs every recess and lunch making Kevin feel isolated and alone. The girls always invite Dylan over asking him to do all their homework and assignments for them. He willingly does this not understanding why they want the help. Abigail tells Dylan to stop hanging out with Kevin if he wants to be popular, he does this and blocks Kevin completely out, not talking to him in class, recess and lunch or responding to his texts. Kevin starts to think that he has to prove himself to Dylan, he thinks that if he wins a competition of some sort Dylan might want to be friends with him again. Kevin starts browsing the Internet and finds out that there is the Australian Adolescence Gaming Championships held in Melbourne (In 4 months time). After some persuasion Kevin’s dad tells him that he can go and stay with his brother (Kevin’s uncle) in Melbourne for the week of the competition. Excited, Kevin starts practising his gaming skills and techniques. Dylan notices Kevin has started ignoring his presence and doesn’t understand why, he tries to say hello to him but Kevin doesn’t respond. Dylan then overhears Kevin saying to one of his other friends that he’s going to the AAGC in Melbourne. Confused, Dylan goes to have a chat with his Grandpa (George) about Kevin. In this chat he tells Dylan “Being popular isn’t everything…” At the end of the chat George says to Dylan “Do you like Jack’s new girlfriend?” this of course stirs the pot, as Dylan had no idea his Dad was dating. Kevin continues to train for the Australian Adolescent Gaming Championships not completing his homework and getting a detention for it, his grades drop and he refuses to eat dinner, instead he is training. When Dylan gets home he confronts his father about how he’s dating someone else, very annoyed because he didn’t tell Dylan. An argument stirs between the father and son. Due to this, Jack offers Dylan to meet her and he declines. The next day, however, Jack brings Scarlett over and Dylan has no choice but to meet her. Jack takes them on a “family” outing to a restaurant where Scarlett tries to befriend Dylan. Dylan, however, just plays with his food ignoring every question she asks him and every conversation she tries to start.

Family Resturant



AAGC=Australian Adolescent Gaming Champioships

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Mates forever?



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