Paper Planes 2: Fly with me

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Paper Planes 2: Fly with me

Kevin has a tumors the size of a golf ball. They think it is malignant meaning there is a high chance of him dying. There is some hope though, doctors recently have made a breakthrough in research, and there is a world first treatment, however it is extremely expensive. Kevin alone cannot pay for it. Without the treatment Kevin has 6 months to live.

Dylan forever the optimist is unable to accept the fact that Kevin is going to die. As Kevin cannot pay for the treatment on his own, Dylan decides to fundraise by doing what he does best, make and fly paper planes! He goes on a tour of Australia, where he travels to the top of the highest natural peaks in the different states and flies a paper plane. His film crew records him and he uploads his videos to YouTube. With the money he earns from sponsors and advertisement he donates to Kevin. They fundraise enough money for the doctors to perform the World first treatment to Kevin. During the treatment the doctors realize that the tumor is not malignant and he will no longer need to undergo chemo!



Plot summary



Sydney is where the majority of the film is set. It is a vibrant, busy, beautiful and bright city where Kimi, Dylan and Kevin live. Other Locations:Adelaide, South Australia: Mt Woodrooffe Brisbane, Queensland: Bartle Frere (South Peak) Canberra, Australian Capital Territory: Bimberi Peak Darwin, Northern Territory: Mt Zeil Hobart, Tasmania: Mt Ossa Melbourne, Victoria: Mt Bogong Perth, Western Australia: Mt Meharry Sydney : Mt. Kosciuszko

Name: Kevin TakaluaAge:31Played by: Cliff Curtis Description:Kevin was born in new Zealand, but later migrated to Australia when he was 6. Despite being spoilt and bratty once, Kevin is now a very mature, confident and amusing Man. He is given six months to live, when he is diagnosed with brain cancer. .

Name: Dylan Webber Age: 31 Played by: Matthew Newton Description: Like the first movie Dylan is the main character of the story, however he is no longer a 11 year old living in Waleup. Now that he is grown up, he lives in Sydney with his wife Kimi. He has a job as a Paper Plane Junior Championship Ambassador. He is Kevins best friend and will do anything to help him. During the movie he travels around Australia, to save Kevin. like the previous movie is determined, hopeful and focused. Dylan is also smarter, braver and more inventive. He is still scared of needles though

Name: Kimi Webber Age: 31 Played by: Zhang ZiyiDescription: Kimi is the wife to Dylan Webber. She is focused, graceful and smart. She once lived in Japan where she was the Japanese Junior champion for paper planes, however she moved to Sydney to be with Dylan. She works as a graphic designer.

Name: Mila Takalua Age: 60 Played by: Rena OwenDescription: Mila is a new character to the story. She is the mother to Kevin, and wife to Noah. Her nationality is New Zealand where she was born and later she migrated to Australia where she meet Noah. She has a job as an event manager for channel 9. Mila is kind, gentle and protective especially over Kevin.

Name: Noah Takalua Age: 59 Played by: Rocky Takalua Description: Noah is the father of Kevin and husband to Mila. He was born in Australia and now has a job as a doctor. He is smart, honest and humble. When he discovers Kevin has brain cancer he vows to do everything he can to help him medically wise


Flash forward: Kimi and Dylan are married. Dylan is living in Sydney with a job as an ambassador for the Junior Paper Plane competition. He is living the perfect life, until he learns that his childhood best friend Kevin has been diagnosed with brain cancer and has a life threatening brain tumour. He has 6 months to live unless he can pay for a world first treatment. Luckily for Kevin, his Father Kevin is a doctor at the hospital and unable to pay for his treatment. Dylan decides to go on a tour of Australia, where he travels to the highest natural peaks in the states (New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia) and fly a paper plane. While he is doing this his film crew records him. He then puts his videos on YouTube. With the money he earns from sponsors and advertisement he donates to Kevin. Once they complete there Australian tour they have enough money to perform the treatment. After they receive the results they realize that what they thought was a highly malignant brain tumor, is in fact a Benign tumor which is non cancerous. Kevin has a rare condition called Eosinophilic Granuloma, also known as langerhans cell histiocytosis. This means that Kevin does not have to undergo chemo and is going to be alright! With the remaining money they donate too charities. the movie ends with Kimi telling Dylan she is pregnant.


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