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Paper Man

Digital Storytelling

This short fim is called Paper Man, Paper man is a Rated G and is a short film by Walt Disney created in 2013. This short film has two main Characters a Man and a Lady, When the Man goes off to work he is waiting for his Train and meets this Lady and falls in love in an instant. Once her Train arrives she has to leave, when all hope is lost he sees her from another building and tries to catch her attention with Paper?

The Idea of the Movie is to never give up chase your dreams and follow your Heart and stay true to your Dreams.




The Sound Track of this short film is film is Unique and soft, in motivate parts of this short movie the music gets exciting but when it feels like all hope is lost it plays quiet music and plays different volumes dippending of what has happened.

Sound Track

This Amazing Short film is Black and White it has really great Shadows and Light on Buildings,Trains,People Ect.

The Camera Tequniques are Creative beacause you are able to see differnt angles of what is going on and how everything around it conects.


Camera Tequniques

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