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Paper Man

"Paper Man" is about a man who works across from a lady who he is in ove with . He first saw her at a train station and immediately fell in love with her. The man doesn't give up hope trying to send her love letters to show her how he feels. Eventually she gets a love letter but will she feel the same way?

"Paper Man" is a short silent romantic film with three main characters: a caring, delicate lady, a man who doesn't give up and a mean controlling boss. They used a black and white technique similar to old style cinematography which gives it an old world style. The only colour is red lipstick on the lady. Which provides an interesting contrast.

"Paper Man"by Hannah Bowden

"Paper Man" is set in the 1950's. This short film was made in 2011 by Walt Disney. "Paper Man" is basically about a man not giving up hope for the woman he is in love with and wants to be with.

I thought it was interesting how the light changed from dark to light. For example it was light when the man had hope but the light started to go dark when he was sad and wanted to give up. This use of light is very effective because it shows the viewer a visual difference between happy and sad emotions by using lightness and darkness. The idea behind the story was really good it showed people not to give up on someone/something they want

I really liked the sound track because they really emphasized the emotions. For example the music became louder when something good was happening but the music started to dull when the situation became sad.

I wouldn't recommend this short film to anyone under the age of seven because anyone under that age may not undersatnd the emotions and special effects. They may also get bored because there is no dialouge. Anyone over seven who enjoys a short sharp and shiny film about relationships between men and woman would enjoy this one. I loved how it was full of emotion both good and bad and there was only a few characters so it didn't feel crowded and the audience doesn't have to follow too many storylines. There was no talking only a few sounds but this was more then made up for by the effective use of light,music and facial expressions to explain the story.


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