Paper Man

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Paper Man

paper man is a love story between a guy and a girl who like each other after an awkard meeting at the train station and after that the guy made lots of paper planes to get her attention.

paper man ia a short film about a love story made by disney. It is a 6 minute film.

what is paper man?

paper man

the story line

A good part is when the girl accidentally kisses the mans paper. Another good part was when he thought he had no hope in finding the girl but then he found hope.

Good parts

I recommend this film to all ages because I think there is something for everyone in it,boy and girl.

The music sounds sad when he is sad and then gets happier when there is more hope in finding each other . The film is in black and white and the kiss mark on the paper is the only coloured thing because it is the mane thing. The lighting gets lighter when they have more hope and gets darker when they have less hope in finding Each other.


Effects in the film

paper man


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