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Paper Man Movie Review

PARAGRAPH 3In the movie the man meets a pretty girl in a train station, and he instantly loves her. He tries to get her attention by throwing paper planes into her window, after seeing her in the opposite building from him. The man is a tall, young person who hates his job and the lady is a beautiful girl whos looks smart and sweet.

Author: DISNEY


PARAGRAPH 5The music was fantastic in the movie. it grew louder at parts when there was bold parts, and slow at sad parts. The lighting was great. It grew brighter at happy parts, and stayed dark at sadder moments. The camera technique was good too. getting further away from the scene at sadder parts, and closer to the scence for happier happier pats.

PARAGRAPH 1The "Paper Man" is an engaging beautiful black and white, short, movie that looks great. the movie pulls you in to a world of only black and white, the only colour being red, soft lipstick. Everything else is bland and still, giving the red lipstick a beautiful contrast and meaning.





A big moment in the short film, was when the man tried to get her attention through paper planes into her window. This obviously shows his determination to talk to her, and get to know her. This made the man seem very sweet and nice cementing his kind personality.

I recommmend this movie! It would appeal to children and teenagers because of that subtle love hint in this film. I recommend this film becuase it was short, beautiful and a well crafted Disney film!

The people who made this piece of art was the one and only Disney. The story is about a man meeting a beautiful girl and trying to get her attention from paper planes, being thrown at her by the young man. The characters are, the young man, the beautiful girl and the big, bad, mean boss.


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