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Papa Francisco

papa francisco

Mr. Francis's pop-mobile which is a Jeep Wrangler!!!!

A few things Pope Francis has done differently than previous popes in his first few months:He refused to wear ermine-lined capes other popes wore.Rather than blessing the people in St. Peter's Square on his election, he asked the people to bless him.He refuses to ride in a bullet-proof Mercedes limousine, riding on a bus with other cardinals right after his election, using a Ford Focus around Rome and driving himself around the Vatican in a 1984 Renault.He refers to himself as "Bishop of Rome" rather than as "Supreme Pontiff."He is the first pope to use the word "gay" rather than "homosexuals" or "those suffering from same-sex attraction."He has stated he intends to transform the Synod of Bishops to a decision-making body rather than a ceremonial rubber stamp.He refused to live in the Apostolic Palace, instead living in a guest home and dining in the cafeteria.

His real name is Jorge!


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