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Panthers are part of the Big Cat family, just like lions and tigers. Even though they are considered Big Cats, they are actually half the size of lions and tigers.

ROAR!!!!(Panthers do not purr like house cats ... they roar like all Big Cats!)

All About Panthers

Has anyone ever heard of the Pink Panther? For anyone who doesn't know, the Pink Panther used to be a cartoon on TV. But that's not the kind of panther we are going to talk about!We all know that our school mascot is the black panther. So, we wanted to know about REAL panthers (definitely not pink ones!).We learned so many cool facts about this amazing animal. We share those facts with you here!

Keep reading and clicking to learn all about panthers!

Panthers are found in the jungles of Africa and Asia. They are also found in North and South America, and even in the United States (like in Florida!).

Panthers eat just aboutanything that moves. They are carnivores, but will eat lizards,fruit, and fish if thereis no other prey.

Baby panthers are called CUBS.A mother panther can give birthto 3 or 4 cubs at one time.The cubs stay with their motherfor up to two years. Their motherteaches them to hunt and defend themselves.

Learn about an extraordinary black leopard (aka a panther!) named Eddy. And don't try this at home!


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