Pandora´s Box

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Pandora´s Box


Pandora, Pandora,Pandora!

Pandora was such an oringinal creation made by the Gods. All the Gods gave pandora a gift when she was created. Her name in greek means "the one who bears all gifts" or "the giver of all." She was made out of clay to give her shape and form by Hephaetus. Athena clothed and adorned her with necklace made by Hephaetus. Aphrodite gave her beauty while apollo gave her musical talent and a gift for healing. Demeter taught her how to tend a garden. Posiedon gave her a pearl necklace and the ability to never drown. Zeus created her to be idle, mischeveous, and foolish. Hera gave her curiosty, and Hermes giving her boldness, charm, and making her crafty, he also gave Pandora a box or jar.

Pandora is a Greek hero with no family history before her but some after her. She has an amazing story and how she came to be with a very creative personality. Pandora was created by Gods and represents the first women on Earth. She was given a boxor jar called "pithos" which lateer caused problems.

Who Is Pandora?

The Creation of Pandora!

When Pandora was given the box or jar by Hermes she was told by the Gods to never open it. But letting her curiosity get the best of her, one day she opened the box. What she didnt was that there were evil and bad spirits in the box. So when she opened the box evil spirits were released on to Earth's surface. Terrified of what she had done she quickly closed the box, luckily not letting of the worst spirit of all; "Hope" the spirit of Zeus

Since Pandora was a creation by the Gods, she didnt not have a mother or father, therefore she had no family history before her. When she was created she was sent down to earth as a punishment no mankind. Zeus wanted to punish people because Prometheus; who was the creator of mankind, stole the fire to gift mankind. She married a man named Epimetheus and had a child named Pyrrha.

Pandora was a creation that no other huean on earth could be. Pandora was one curious human who released evil onto the world. For all crimes that Prometheus committed Pandora sent as a punishment. Pandora was no goddess or god but she was in fact a hero.

All of Pandora!

Pandora's Box

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