Pandora's Box

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Pandora's Box

Digital Storytelling

In Greek Mythology, Pandora was said to be the first woman in creation. Hephaestus crafted a beautiful woman in his forge. Athena taught her how to weave, Aphrodite shed grace upon her head, Apollo taught her music, and Hermes gave her the gift of speech. She was named Pandora, meaning "All Gifted". Zues gave her a jar (pithos) which is known today as "Pandora's Box". She was told NOT to open the pithos under any circumstances.

Prometheus and Epimetheus were Titan brothers long ago. They are both known for giving fire to humans. Zues chained Promethues to a rock as punishment for his doings. As a punishment for Epimetheus, the gods created a wife for him, and her name was Pandora.

Prometheus and Epimetheus

Pandora's Box

The Creation of Pandora

Pandora's curiosity got the best of her and she opened the pithos. It released death and other evil things into the world. She managed to close the jar before the last one could escape. It was at the bottom of the pithos. It's name was Elpis, which translates to "hope".

Pandora Stupidly Opens the Pithos

In the end Zues's revenge on Epimetheus was sending him a troubled wife. Even though it was Pandora that opened the pithos, her husband was also blamed. They were known as the people that caused all of the world's problems.

In the famous myth about Pandora, her jar is reffered to as a "box". This is because over the millenia the word pithos was mistranslated to "box". This mistake has named this myth that teaches the lesson that any act that seems small can have a huge impact.

Here is a cartoon version of the story

Why "box" and not "jar"?