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- Pandora was the first woman. - created from clay, and brought to life. -Aphrodite made her beautiful- she was given curiosity - "Pandora's Box". - In some versions of the myth, it is stated that it was actually a jar, but it is more popularly known as a box.She was specifically told never to open this box- She opened the box, releasing old age, disease, poverty, and all of the bad things in the world -left only Hope at the bottom of the box.


"Hope in reality is the worst of all evils because it prolongs the torments of man."Friedrich Nietzsche

She eventually got married to a man named Epimetheus, and had a daughter named Pyrrha. Phyrrha got married as well to a man named Deucalion, and the two lovers gave rebirth to the next human race.

Lasting Impact

People today still use the phrase "You opened up Pandora's Box" to say that you've done something horrible without thinking of the consequences that would come afterward


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PandoraBy Mackenzie Novak





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