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~ Stevie Wonder ~ For Once In My Life ~

Stevie Wonder ~ For Once In My Life

80’s pop is also one of my favorite genres. 80’s pop and 80’s music in general was the music of the people. The music held the anthems to peoples everyday lives. Monday mornings were “Manic Mondays”, they found themselves “Hangin Tough”, and at the end of the week we were all shouting “Friday, I’m in Love”, and every weekend Kylie taught us the “Locomotion”. This music was the soundtrack to peoples everyday lives. Popular artist like Michael Jackson, Madonna, Olivia Newton-John, and Cyndi Lauper was what got people through most days. It was also the time of one hit wonders like “Come on Eileen” and “Safety Dance.”

Motown, the music of the soul. A music style that everyone loves and makes you feel something deep inside. This style of music has been around for generations and every one of them has loved it. When I hear ( and I’m sure you too ) groups like The Temptations and The Marvelettes you can’t help but get up and do a little twist. Teens like myself to this day recognize popular Motown names like Jackson 5, The Supremes, and Stevie Wonder. It has become so popular nation wide it was made into a Broadway show. Motown the musical hit the Broadway stage spring of 2012. I think it is easy to say that Motown is an American icon and that is something I think we can all agree on.

~ Olivia Newton-John ~ Physical ~

Olivia Newton-John ~ Physical

Emo punk or Emocore came about in mid- 1980’s in the punk movement of D.C. Known as "emotional hardcore" or “Emocore” this genre was brought about by bands like Rites Of Spring and Embrace. At the time, the style was consider contemporary American Punk Rock, and mix of Pop Rock and Indie Rock. It did not make its break through though till early 2000s, with the platinum-selling success of Jimmy Eat World and others. Today popular emocore bands like Green Day, A Day To Remember, Sleeping With Sirens, and Panic At The Disco make chart topping hits worldwide. This music is mainly meant for teens who fit in the “emo” category. Teens ,including myself, state it saved their lives and music can get you through anything.

Today’s pop is one of the hardest music business' to break into, yet they just keep popping up. Today's Pop artists must have chart busting songs, sold out tours, and screaming fans. These artist stop at nothing to to be at the top. It’s a blood bath between today’s artist to see who can put out music quicker, it’s a nasty business yet we all still love it. No matter what radio station we put on we will hear artist like Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, Beyoncé, and One Republic . These people made their dreams come true, yet through social media all we hear is how they are all unhappy. Pop though is not always happy and upbeat seeing that pop stands for “popular” meaning that whats popular in the music world goes into the pop genre.

Sleeping With Sirens ~ If You Can't Hang

Katy Perry ~ Dark Horse

Sleeping With Sirens ~ If You Can't Hang

Katy Perry ~ Dark Horse


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