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why are pandas black and white.One theory is that pandas developed the contrasting black and white colors over time so they would stand out in the forest and be able to find each other to mate. Another idea is that the broad blockings of contrasting color may serve to camouflage the panda in the bamboo or treetops.there is also a ledgen about panads here it is:In China the giant panda is seen as a “national treasure”. The Chinese government has even given pandas as gifts to other countries governments! One Tibetan legend of the giant panda is about how they got their beautiful, and unusual black markings. A long time ago, when pandas lived in the mountains of Tibet, they were white as snow. They were friends with four female shepherds that watched their flocks, in the mountains near their village. One day as the shepherdesses where playing with a panda cub, a leopard leapt out of the bush and tried to attack the cub. The young shepherdesses threw themselves in front of the cub to save it and were killed by the leopard. All the pandas in the area were saddened by their deaths and held a memorial service to honor them and their bravery. To remember their sacrifice for the cub, the pandas all wore black ashes on their arms (as was the local custom). As they wept for the shepherdesses, they wiped their eyes with their paws, they covered their ears to block out the sound of the crying and they hugged each other in grief. As they did these things the ash spread and blackened their fur. The pandas did not wash the black off their fur as a way to remember the girls. To this day, pandas are covered with the black markings to always rememberheres another:Long ago, God owned two beautiful white bears. It only remains pure white because of the pure thoughts in the people’s minds in the sky world. God took care of them very carefully by feeding them only the best quality food and fruits. There was nothing in the sky world those two bears have never eaten before. One day, when God was resting, the two bears looked down from the sky and saw a strange plant that they have never seen or taste before, a long circular cone and empty in the middle, and it only grows on one of the continents. Wanting to have a taste of this extraordinary plant, the two bears ride on a cloud and secretly went down to the human world.Affected by the bad thoughts and greediness of human beings, the two bears began to get gray spots all over them. At first, it was only gray, then, it turned black. However, addicted to the taste of the plant, they weren’t willing to return to the sky world. When God woke up, he saw his beloved bears down in the human world with black dots all over them. He was eager to turn them back to the way they used to look. Determined to make them clean again, God pour water down from the sky world once a while, hoping to clean his beloved pets. However, the black spots weren’t going away and the two bears later produced offspring which were also white with black spots all over them. After a while, human discovered these bears and named them pandas.

realtionsred panda spectacled bear of South America


Facts about pandas.a group of pandas is called a embarrassment .life span:20yrs-35yrs.the spot around a baby is a circle while it grows becomes more teardrop shaped .pandas are endangered since 1990.pandas are a symbmol of truce in china.pandas have been here for 2-3million years. panda bones are twice as heavy as animals the same size!.pandas are pegion toed.pandas spend 14-16hrs a day eating!.a pandas fur is worth 60,000-100,000 dollars on illegal trade market.grown pandas fur can grows 4 inches long its not silky and soft it wiry and thick.

what do pandas like to do for fun.well most pandas are already in a zoo so most have play grounds and the pandas actually play on it for fun.eating is also fun for them . and sleep/ be lazy

what do pandas eat??pandas are herbavores so they like.leaves of bamboo.steam of bamboo.shoots of bamboothey dont really eat thats much meat and other plants so basically just bamboo.

Videocute baby papna <3


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