Panda Endangerment

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Panda Endangerment

Panda EndangermentBy:Marjorie Coen

HabitatDue to expanding human populations and development, pandas are now restricted to only 20 or so isolated patches of mountain forest in Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu provinces. The panda's habitat surrounds the great Sichuan Plain. To the north are the Qinling Mountains and to the west are the Minshan, Qionglai, Liangshan, Daxiangling, and Xiaoxiangling Mountains

Basic Facts-Genus name: Ailuropoda-Body length: 4-5 feet.-Weight: 165-353 lbs.-Food: Their daily menu consists of various leaves, stems, and bamboo species.-Life Span: About 15 years in the wild and about 20, sometimes 30 years in captivity.

Vulnerability-Pandas are being poached for their fur. Even though there are laws against this now, some hunters kill them "accidentally".-Forest destruction is occuring which prevents mating in cases, and reduces access to bamboo.

How to help-Donate to WWF or other organizations. Your donations will help towards nature reserve protection,community development, and research and monitoring work. -Travel smart. The Chinese government and WWF are working on ways to reduce the impacts of tourism on panda habitats.

Campaign Slogan"Don't be a bum, donate to the World Wilfife Fund"-To help push this: Endangered Species Act

The PolicyLaws of Endangered Species Act1. All Pandas must be in large conservation centers (just like wild but monitored)2. Any harm to a panda results in prison time.3. Any trees harmed in habitat results in prison time.4. Any accidentally killing of a panda will have an investigated case.5. Required monitoring is a must (more jobs)

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