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Panda Bear

panda bear

Since the second half of the 20th century, the panda has become the national symbol of China and is depicted on Chinese gold coins.

The Panda currently lives almost continuously inside bamboo thickets. Although it is one of the beasts, its food is mostly vegetable. Its gastrointestinal tract is more common for carnivores, but the unique bacterial microflora in the intestines allows it to digest this heavy food without any problems. He is an omnivore expertly, as he is known to occasionally feed on eggs and meat and, along with bamboo, also eat some insects. They are essential sources of protein for her. Her ears tremble as she chews. Her paw is very unusual; with a thumb and five fingers; "thumb" is actually a modified wrist bone. Stephen Jay Gould wrote a treatise on The Panda's Thumb

The adult panda weighs 70–160 kg and is 1.2–1.6 m long. The panda's tail is short, only 12–13 cm long.


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