Pancho Villa

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Pancho Villa

Pancho Villa:a modern-day Robin Hood,a killer, a bandit, a revolutionary leaderwho advocated for the poor.Running from the lawwithseveral thousand soldierssent to hunt for himthey never caught him.Villa retired from revolutionary lifebut had only a short retirementfor he was gunned downVilla remained a folk hero


1878 - Birth1894 - Shot the man harrasing his sister1896 - Joined bandits and bacame leader 1910 - Joined Francisco Madero's uprising1916- Attacked New Mexico1923 - Death

Villa was a guerrilla leader, who fought against Porfirio Díaz and Victoriano HuertaOn December 27, 1912, Pancho Villa escaped from prison. Pancho Villa conquered Chihuahua and other northern areasPancho Villa was notorious as a bandit and skilled at escaping capture

Lasting Impact

Pancho Villa played a major role in the Mexican Revolution and therefore impacted the future of Mexico. He became a legendary figure that stood for the people of Mexio; his legend lives on today.


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Pancho Villa


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