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Language: Spanish is the official language of Panama. Panamanians have their own ways of speaking it. They also use English words too.Music: Several instruments are important to Panamanian music. One of them is the "mejoranera''. It is a gutair with five strings. Also, the guiro and the conga drums add rhythm to modern folk dance. Panamanians listen to salsa, merengue, cumbia, plena, salomon, tamborito, mejorana, and reggae.

Fun Facts About Panama1. The capital of Panama is Panama is Panama city.2. Panama has a tropical maritime climate. That means it has only two seasons that are differreint because of the amount of rain they get. 3. Panama's independce day is November 3.

The Panama CanalPanama is a small contry that connects South America and the Central America. Because of its shape and location, Panama became the target of many people's dreams of making a water route connecting the Atlantic and the Pacifc Ocean. It is the narrowest place where such a route can be made. At its narrowest,it is just 30 miles or 60 kilometers across. During the 1880s, a European company called the "Panama Canal Company" dug a canal and the United States helped them to finish it.

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The Flag of Panama

The Panama Canal at night

Iguana Island on the Pacific Coast of Panama. It is also a wildlife refuge.

A Parrot Fish swimming in a Panamanian coral reef.

Culture:Panama city has a celebration called Carnival, which happens four days before the start of Lent, a quiet time before Easter. Carnival is filled with masks, music, dance, and celebrations that go on night and day. During Carnival, people dress in amazing costumes for parades through the streets.

An example of Panamanian reggae song by Dubosky.

Important People1. Lloyd La Beach was the first Panamanian to win an Olympic medal.2. Ricardo Martinelli is the current president of Panama 3. Ruben Blades is a popular Panamanian musisan.


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