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Social Studies

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Bananas and non-crude oil are just two of the many exports of Panama

Within the deep jungles of Panama you may find various unique animals such as this Endangered Panamanian Golden Frog!

The Beautiful Panama City 4,208.9 miles from D.C.

The people of Pnama can choose between a simple farm life and live in a shack like house or choose the bustling life of Panama City and work there!

Most famous attraction and revolutionary trading route is the Panama Canal!

The Panama Experience

"Hola! Como Esta's?"followed by an abrazo or hug is the most freequently used greeting in Panama

The weather in Panama is amazing! It's always very comfortably warm so mittens are not needed!

The food and cuisine of Panama consists of Fried Fish, Many kinds of Tacos, and different entrees invovling Tortillas!


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