Panama project

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Panama project

BolboaUS dollar $1.00

Panama City, Changuinola, Almirante,Boasdel Toro, David, Dolega, Puerto, Santiago


Panama City slum area

Panama's country flag

Panama City

The people of Panama The people of Panama have a high rate of being poor and is not excalty the safest country in South America, with its injustice and high crime right.

Country map of Panama!

This is the local map!

Panama City is not called Panama "City" for nothing.Panama City is jam packed with buildings left to right, here and there.Like an apartment complex.

The official language of Panama is Spanish

Panama City is the capitol of Panama.Panama City has a population of somewhere close to 3,706,000 people.

Panama's largest cities

The three countrys that border Panama are Colombia, Costa Rico and Central America

Panama is a country of poverty and high crime right, not to mention the injustice

I will never forget the country of Panama because of it's uniqeness


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