Panama Imperialism

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Panama Imperialism

-With the opening of the Panama canal in 1914, the importance of the Southern cone economies declined, as investors turned their attention to Asia. -Panama depends largely on its privileged geographical position-Panama Canal stands an important role in Panama Eonomic.


U.S .offered Colombia $10 million dollars plus $250,000 for the right to build the canal. when this was unsuccessful the U.S. backed up a revolt by Panama for the same deal. This was the Hay–Herrán Treaty

Building the Panama CanalEvents like the Mexican War, Spanish American War, U.S. support of Panama’s break from Columbia for canal rights, Roosevelt Corollary, Dollar Diplomacy, Banana Wars, Good Neighbor policy, Bay of Pigs incident in Cuba, to the War on Drugs, have kept the histories of U.S. and Latin America intertwined.z

Key individuals

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Panama Canal2015~2016

Old Panama Canal1900~1945

Theodore Roosevelt - youngest President in the Panama history (1901-1909). - Roosevelt steered the United States more actively into world politics. He liked to quote a favorite proverb, "Speak softly and carry a big stick. . . . ""Aware of the strategic need for a shortcut between the Atlantic and Pacific, Roosevelt ensured the construction of the Panama Canal. "

Panama Imperialism

Theodore Roosevelt and the Panama Canal

1881~1894, French built Panama Canal1903, Panama declares independent(helped by America)1903, Panama allows America to have the power to build Panama Canal in 10 years.1904~1914, America built Panama Canal and finished it.


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