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palmyra haiti wiki project home page

Welcome to L'Ecole LBS-Palmyra Middle School Wikispace

Bienvenue L'Ecole Wikispace LBS-Palmyra Middle School

This Wikispace is an interactive education collaborative between the teachers and students of Palmyra and LBS in Haiti. It is hoped that this education collaborative leads to a better understanding of our two countries, cultures, and educational systems.

Cette collaboration est un Wikispace ducation interactive entre les enseignants et les lves de Palmyre et LBS en Hati. Il est esprer que cette collaboration l'ducation conduit une meilleure comprhension de nos deux pays, cultures et systmes ducatifs.


Our Humanitarian Outreach***Notre Sensibilisation Humanitaire

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Photo Credit: Chris Scholly - Lebanon Daily News

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  • natty22 10 years ago

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    such a meaningfull glog-love it!

  • Jaeden207 9 years ago

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    h is so good

  • Jaeden207 9 years ago

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    i mean he

  • Maax1 8 years ago

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    Great Glog, I like the creative things that you all do to outreach the Haitian community.