Palma Cathedral

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Palma Cathedral

Palma Cathedral

General InformationThe Palma Cathedral (a.k.a. "La Seu" or "Cathedral of the Sea") is a beautiful, gothic-style structure in Spain. The Cathedral was constructed under the orders of King Jaume in 1230, one year after he conquered the island. The Palma Cathedral was built upon a mosque and took around 300 years to complete. The Cathedral is a stunning symbol of our Christian Faith and an utterly beautiful place.

Inside the Cathedral:Inside the Palma Cathedral, there are beautiful stained-glass windows. Some windows are just fancy designs, while others display scenes from the bible. There are many sources of lighting-- candles, exquisite light fixtures, and of course the natural light coming through the windows. The Cathedral is mainly made out of stone and brick.

Outside the Cathedral:The outside of the Palma Cathedral is absolutely stuning. The architecture is detailed and fancy. On the outside, there are statues of Saints, apostles, and important people in the Bible. Like the inside, the outside is made of stone and brick as well. Crosses are displayed on the top of the church. The Cathedral is very formal and castle-like.

Fun Fact:You can see The Palma Cathedral from almost every view around the town!


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