Palestinian Culture

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Palestinian Culture

Social Organization-The PLO or Palestine Liberation Organization that was created to help the Palestinian people-The PLO in composed of political parties, social programs and other programs-Family is the most important aspect of the Palestinian society-Lower class is poorly represented, middle class is growing

Customs and Traditions-Arranged marriages are still present in some villiages, the weddings last three days-Huge celebrations for the birth of a child-Families mourn for forty days after the death of a community member-Many Palestinian homes are very welcoming to guests, even unexpected guests

Palestinian CultureBy Micah Berlage

Palestinian Timeline1834- Peasants' revolt and Hebron Massacure.1915-1918- Sinai and Plestine Campaign: Resulted in Partitioning of the Ottoman Empire1917- Balfour Declaration- Britain took over Palestine from the Ottomans1920s- Riots and massacres occured against the Jews1948- Arab-Israeli War- This resulted in a loss of land for the Palestinians1948- Palestine war- Occured between the period between the British vote on the partition plan and the official end of the Arab-Israeli War 1988- Palestinian Declaration of Independence- New state called the "State of Palestine" was formed1987-1991- The first Palestinian uprising took place in the Gaza Strip2000-2005- The second Palestinian uprising took place in the Gaza Strip2012- Palestine is upgraded to non-member observer state by the United Nations

Quick Facts-Total Population- about 11,000,000-Popualtion of Palestine (Includes the West Bank and Gaza Strip)- 4,420,549-Official Language of Palestine- Arabic-Religion -Majority-Sunni Islam -Others- Christianity, Druze, Shia Islam, and Judaism

A Palestinian man and woman getting married

Language-Roots back at least six centuries BC-Spoken mostly in Northern Africa and the Middle East-Over 400 million speak Arabic worldwide-One of the older languages present today-Qur’anical Arabic is not used in conversation or in non- religious writing- Modern Standard Arabic is the official language of the Arabic world-Colloquial Arabic refers to Arabic that is spoken with a dialect

Arts and Literature-Poetry is the most important form of literature, as poetry readings can attract thousands of people-Collectors are often attracted to Palestinian art as it is usually pretty cheap

Religion-Most of the Palestinian population are Sunni Islam-Five Pillars-Declaration of Faith, Prayer, Charity, Fasting, and Pilgramage -Other religions include Christianity, Druze, Shia Islam and Judaism

Forms of Government-Most laws and other rules are based off of religious beliefs-Mostly representative government-People listen to these laws, as it goes hand in hand with their religion

Economic Systems-Unemployment sky rocketed to 29% in 2007-Widespread poverty-over 50% of Palestinians residing in the Gaza Strip live in poverty-Industry is lacking-Many children have to work to provide some income for their family-Mostly agriculture

Role of Women-Very few rights until after the 1940s-Today, the way women are treated has improved-Women can become part of the labor force and can attain education-They still have a subservient role in the culture-Women who still live in rural areas work in the fields and do basic household chores, while women living in the city work hard to get a good education and become part of the labor force-Women still can be payed less beause of their gender, but they can divorce

Refugees/Immigrants-The Arab/Israeli conflict has forced many Palestinians to leave their home states and become refugees-Refugees are forced to go to refugee camps in other countries, and most have proper documentation to have the same rights of other refugees with the rigth documents

PerspectivesAmerican Point of View- Palestinians, and other middle easterns are sometimes labeled by Americans. We label them as terrorists just because of where they're from. Also, many Americans would say that most Palestinians are fine but there are those few that taint the image of the whole culture.Cultural View of America- Most Palestinians would likely agree with many things America does. Many Palestinians live in idustrialized and some what westernized countries. The only problems that they may have with our lifestyle is difference in religious beliefs.

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Palestinian loss of land, Israel took this land.


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