Palestian Intifada

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Palestian Intifada

First Intafada : Youth resistence Video

Palestian Intifada

• The Palestinian Intifada was the uprising that started on December 8th, 1987. When a refugee camp truck crashed and killed four Palistinians. The intifada was commenced and carried out by Palestinians that were living in the Occupied Territories . They fought against Israel's ruler of the land. • The Palestinians tried to establish a Palestinian homeland, because of the need of national consciousness to Israel's destruction .• The Palestinians did not resist against repression, though they were submitted to torture, execution and criminal enforcement.

Picture of Israel troops repressing palestinians

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Why neighboring countries tried to destroy Israel?The reason neighboring countries tried to destroy Israel is because the threat it posed as a country. Second, the advantages of the little natural resources Israel held.

The Palestinians felt, that the land they have lived for many years has been invaded by the Jews. The Palestinians have followed the orders of a shadowy organization called Black September.Black September is a group of Palestinians using very violent methods of displaying their hatred of Israel.

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