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I want to a paleontologist.there is one right there digging a bones

Here is one of the oldest aretropods on the plane.over 100 billion years old

fun facts that will help in the field

paleontology by Alvin Le


dierwolf they live in the ice age, they bite almost a strong as a trex. they were so powerful that they killed about 7 speceies to extinction and then died because they ran out of food.

about paleontology

here is a bone of one of the biggest dino in the world

why I what to do this job

I like to study dinos and know a lot about it. I also am good at digging and studing bones. I also like to work outside and not be craped in a cubical


here is the spinenosaur it is way stroger than a Trexbecause it is about 2X times faster and it has claws that can pierce steel, it is bigger, and it also has a stronger bite.

Liopleurodon are about 50 feet long. They have a bite 3.5x stronger than a trex and have been know to eat them because people have found a a couple of trex bones in them. They are related to the mosasaur

paleontology is about digging dino bones and to study them then sending them to the museum. They also study about before the dinos and the ice age.

Your text here

other than dinos

they also study other things like before the dinos. there is a full documentary rigth over there

they study ice age stuff too.

I put a minecraft spineno for fun

You need a PHD degree. You need to study geology, biology, and almost every thing in sicince There is a 5% job rasing in the u.s. They make about 150 doallars per hour it a very competive to get the job.

trex are related to bird. people have found fethers on them

squrle were in the ice age

megalodon are about 10x bigger than a great white. their front teeth are about 16 inches they are almost as powerful as massaures.


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