Paleo indians

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Paleo indians

PALEO INDIANS10,000 to 8,000 B.C

the Paleo Indians moved around a lot and wher strictly nomatic

This is an example of what kind of weapons they used to hunt and kill some of there prey in wich they followed and killed


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Paleo means "ancient." The Paleoindian period began during the Ice Age. Glaciers covered large parts of North America, and huge animals, now extinct, roamed the land. It was also the time when people first came to North America. The people were hunter-gatherers who followed the animal herds that they relied on for their food and other necessities.


Although they were here longer than all other following cultures combined, they left very little records of their lives. Archeologists have very little to go by as to the Paleo Indians beliefs, religion, language, celebrations, ceremonies, mournings, and culture such as dance and family relationships. They became extinct about 9,000 years ago, taking with them their secrets of their life.


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