[2014] Leannah Ortiz: Pakistan Flag

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[2014] Leannah Ortiz: Pakistan Flag

Flag AppearenceThe Flag has a large dark green backround which represents Pakistan's Muslim majority and a white verticle bar which stands for the non-Muslim majority. Both the cresent and the star are symbols for the Islam religion.

Importance of the FlagThe flag is important to Pakistan because it is a huge part of their culture and symbolizes the light, knowledge, progress, and religion of Pakistan.

Flag History Muslims formed a political organization called the All Indaian National Congresss in 1906 and adopted a green with a star and cresent flag. Then in 1940 the Muslim League(which is a political organization that caused the movement in the 1940's in reconization of Pakistan and was to promote the intrests of Muslims) wanted a seprate Muslim nation. Soon the 2 seprate nations India and Pakistan gained thier independence in 1947. Then Pakistan adtoped the All Indian National Congress flag, but made a change and added a white verticle bar.

Pakistan Flag

Flag was adopted August 11, 1947


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