Pakistan Energy Crisis

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Pakistan Energy Crisis

Energy Crisis Pakistan

*The energy policy of Pakistan is formulated by the federal and local institutional entities.*Several proposals have been called over the years to overlook the energy conservation.*Neon Signs were banned and the official weekend was extended from one to two days in an attempt to conserve electricity.*There was an introduction of equal cutting edge energy transmission network.*No comprehensive long-term energy strategies were implemented.

The prime minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif said he would try to solve the issue over the next 100 days of his election. He is trying to find a way to pay the $5 billion in debt that could get most of the energy flowing through the city. Power plants in Pakistan could generate the 15,000 megawatts of electricity needed to keep Pakistan with lights on if the operators could pay for the fuel. The government said that it would get the money by collecting the bills and that the rest would come from foreign funds. Right now countries like Saudi Arabia, China, and the United States have began sending money to Pakistan to stop the energy crisis they’re facing.

CausesPoor infrastructure throughout the countries energy plants and theft means that almost a quarter of the electricity generated in Pakistan is lost. Corruption and mismanagement is also a key factor for the energy crisis in this country. The country is in a 5 billion dollar debt that’s left electricity providers without the cash needed to pay the fuel. During the summer the energy production operates at about 50 percent its capacity.

Luis Collignon & Emilio Berdegue

Consecuences Pakistan generates about half of the electricity it needs, leaving most of the population very frustrated. Power shortages in Pakistan last most of the day, making violence a much serious problem. During the summer the country’s temperature hits about 118 degrees Fahrenheit and without energy the people suffer from great amount of heat.

How are they solving it?

How are they facing it?

It is very sad to see that a country that could give electricity to its entire population is just producing it for 50 percent. We concluded that the people of Pakistan have all the rights to protest and become violent against a government that doesn’t produce the energy that its supposed too. It is very unfair that millions of people in Pakistan have to pass many days without light and with extreme heat because the government is stilling the money that should be used to pay for the energy fuel. Allies of Pakistan should give help to the country’s energy crisis but at the same time should supervise that their money is going to the production of energy and not to the hands of the corrupt politicians of Pakistan.


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