Pakistan Child Labour

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Pakistan Child Labour

Pakistan Child Labour

Pakistan is a country in South West Asia that borders Afghanistan, India, Iran, and part of China. It is located near the Arabian Sea.

Agriculture: - Farming (includes harvesting cotton and wheat)- Fishing (activities unknown)Industry:- Manufacturing glass bangles- Stitiching soccer balls-Weaving cloth (using power looms)-Carpet weaving-Brick making-Mining CoalServices:- Rag picking- Automobile repair and carpentry

The average age of children working in labour sectors is between 10 and 14 years. This is 13% of Pakistan's population. Children work in agriculture, industry, or services.

Here is a video showing the many jobs done by children in Pakistan and the dreams they have.

NikeNike has been accused of forcing children to stitch soccer balls in their sweatshops. Children work in unsafe conditions that put their health and safety at risk. An average of US$0.60 a day is paid to the children. 9% of boys, and 18% of girls engage full time in these activities.

Pakistan has a very high unemployment rate. As of 2013 the employment rate was 6% and the highest it has been was 7.80%.

In Pakistan there is no minumum age for work but there is a minimum age for hazordous work and that is 14 years old, even though many do not follow these laws and force children into labour anyways.

The children who work are working under dangerous, unsafe conditions and this typically puts their health at risk.

Jobs being done by children:

There are laws and regulations in Pakistan regarding child labour. Often, many ignore these laws and children are harmed or even killed.


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