Page 4 - Make Up - Ancient Egyptian Fashion

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Page 4 - Make Up - Ancient Egyptian Fashion

Ancient Egyptian Fashion!

Make Up!

Make up was traditionally made from Kohl; a mixture of Galena (a blue-gray mineral of lead sulfide found and mined at Gebel el-Zeit) and soot. This was also one of the earliest uses of Galena (Kohl). But the Egyptians didn't just use this; infact, they used over 60 products-one pot for each product! Of course, these weren't all for the eyes, some of the other things they used for their face and body were oils (to help them smell great through out the sweat-drenching day), gold leaf to put on their face and around eyes, and a few other things. Some of the eye colours that they used to use were blue, white, black, red, orange, gold and a few more. The colours green and black were applied around the eyes to scare off any demons etc. Both of the sexes used makeup, they both used to use the same colors and everything! Both genders also used nail polish.



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