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Page 1 - Flax - Ancient Egyptian Fashion

Ancient Egyptian Fashion!

All of the Egyptians clothes were made from the same thing-Flax. Flax was grown along the edge of the Nile and harvested in summer. Even though you may have heard that the Egyptians used linen, linen IS flax! The flax was planted, harvested, soaked, the individual fibres were seperated and twisted together, then finally, weaved in to a fabric! As you can see-the whole process is quite pain-staking (considering Flax takes about 100 days to grow).! Linen was introduced in 30,000 B.C.E (approximately) and the Egyptians were only just using it to make ropes! In about 5000 B.C.E, the Egyptians were using it for clothing and fabrics. If the Egyptians have been making linen and fabrics since way back then, can you imagine what they look like now?!


A Flax plant compared to a human.



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