packing for the journey to joburg

by elaturner
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packing for the journey to joburg

Click on this link to hear a song by a South African who was part of the school children's march against Apartheid.

SummaryNaleidi and her younger brother, Tiro, are worried about their baby sister who is very sick. They feel that the only person who can save her is their mother who worked and lived in Johannesburg more than 300 kilometers away. Their mother, Mma, worked far away due to the injustices in South Africa. Naleidi and Tiro leave their grandma and aunt to set off on a journey to Johannesburg to find Mma and bring her back. When they reach the city, they experience prejudice and see injustices against the Blacks such as "pass" raids and segregated buses. Their trip to the city makes them aware of the dangers of their country and the "painful struggle for freedom."

Setting:South Africa during the time of Apartheid law.

Packing for the Journey to Jo'burg


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