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Package Design

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1) Brainstorm/research - Brainstorm a list that includes the type of product you would like to package. Consider possible names for your product & research similar products for package information, size, color and to compare competitive design and layout2)Project outline - (One typed page total) - Describe what you are packaging and how you intend to package it. You will need to determine : the product name, the size of the package, what are the pre-existing competitive products, and how do you intend tomake your product / package stand-out among this competition?3)Style board - 15" x 20" black illustration board Style board should indicate the overall mood and visual style of your proposed package. Contents of the board should include considerations such as package research, color palette, fonts, and imagery, as well as any other necessary design elements.3)Thumbnails/Rough sketches - Present approximately TEN rough package sketches. Two will be picked to make rough layouts.3)Rough layouts - Present TWO package layouts. One will be picked to create final package design.3)Package design - Build your package design in 3D form. Use the original package as a pattern. Build the new package out of chip board and print your design to mount to chip board.4)Present/photograph design - Present final package layout and design to class. Show original packaging along with your new design. Photograph the package to show the 3D quality of your final project. Print a copy of photograph and turn in.

What makes a product stand out on a crowded shelf? What makes it attract the eye---excite, inform, and appeal, motivating customers to buy?Re-invent the way a common product is packaged and marketed for sale. You will need to develop a name, logo and look for the new product / package.....challenge yourself and experiment.

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