Pacific South America

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Pacific South America

Pacific South America

Physical Features

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Machu Picchu is an ancient city built by the Inca's. It layed undescovered until 1911, and was found in the Andes Mountains in Peru.

The Ceiba tree and The Horse Tail are only two of the 300 different species of trees and 2500 different species of plants. They are found in Pacific South America's many rain forests.

History and Culture

Terrace farming is commonly used by early settlers. It was often used on mountains because rain would water their crops.

"Almuerzos ejectivos" is a common food in Ecuador.It usually consists of a bowl of soup with a chicken leg or potato and a cup of fruit juice.

Pacific America Today

The Andes mountains are a mountain range that isn't good for farming. So the people use them to raise animals such as llamas and sheep.

Grapes are a important resource as wine. Along with wine lots of other fruits are important exports.


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