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Pablo Picasso

"The Three Musicians" painted in 1921 but is now in the Museum of Modern art in New York. Measured almost 2 meters wide and high and is a great example of Picasso's cubism.

Mural sized oil painting known as "Guernica" painted in 1937. The palette of gray, white and black, emphasizes the anti war vibe that Picassso tried to portray through the images of suffereing people, animals, and buildigs wreched by chaos.


Pablo Picasso nació en Málaga , España, el Ocotber 25 , 1881. Picoasso fue considerado de los más grandes y más influnecial artistas del siglo 20 . Picassso es conocido por ser el creador del cubismo . Fue un pintor , grabador escultor , ceramiscist y escenógrafo . La obra de Picasso fue considerado radical y contribuyó a la desarrollo del arte moderno en el siglo 20 . Murió el 8 de abril de 1973 en Mougins , Francia y 80 de sus 91 años fue dedicado a su obra.

"Self Portrait' painted in 1907. An oil painting done in the African period.

"Blue Nude" printed in 1902 during Picasso's blue period. Printed after a close friend of Picasso died.

The "Chicago Picasso" or just "The Picasso" was dedicated in 1967 in Chicago. It stands at 50 ft. tall and weighs 147 tons.

"The Kitchen" painted in 1948 by using his own kitchen as a subject. This and other paintings were in a series that inlcuded "Guenica".

Ceramic pot crafted in the late 1940's while Picasso was inspired by the Mediterranean scenery of southern France.Known as "Vase Azteque Aux Quarte Visages"

"Boy with a Pipe" done in 1905 during Picasso's rose period. Picasso began the painting and gave it a rest for about a month and then finshed it off by adding the garland around the boy's head.

"She-Goat" done in 1950 but cast in 1952 was made of a wicker basket body, palm leaf back, two flowerpots for the utters and other scraps of metal. This was then cast in bronze, metal.

"Girl Before Mirror" painted in March of 1932 during Picasso's cubism period. The girl used as the subject was named Marie Therese Walters and was used repeadily as a subject by Picasso.


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