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Pablo Picasso

For example, Picasso had the Blue period, the Rose period and the African Influence period. He related the paintings to the period there in (Blue paintings in Blue period).

Pablo was an excellent painter and made plenty of outstanding paintings. He had certain themes for his paintings in the given period of time he created them.

Pablo Picasso is a very renown spanish artist. He was born on October 25th, 1881. At a young age, Pablo was very well in Art and later on became known for it.


Eventually, with the partnership of Georges Braque, Picasso helped make a new type of artform for humans, known as Cubism. Cubism is the artform where cubists try to incorporate every single side of a 3D object into a 2D painting.

As a person, Picasso moved a lot, from Málaga to A Coruña to Barcelona, but eventually stayed in France for most of his life. He got married twice and had 4 kids.

Sadly, on the date ofApril 8th, 1973, the death of 91-year old, Pablo Picasso occured. One of the most greatest and creative artists in history died that day.It was so tragic that his wife at that time, suicided by shooting herself because she was broken from the death of her husband.

1911-1912 - L'Homme à la clarinette (Man with a Clarinette)

Short Video Biography on Pablo Picasso!

Pablo Picasso

1910 - La Femme au pot de moutarde (Woman with Mustard Pot)

Guernica made by Picasso in relation to the bombing ofGuernica, a village in Northern Spain.

The Chicago Picasso. Donated to Chicago by Picasso.


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